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Hitbox of Fox's down smash.

Fox does a split kick, covering the front and back at the same time, doing 14% damage and decent horizontal knockback that also sends opponents on a favourable semi-spike trajectory. Its fast start-up makes it a pretty good finisher, as well as having some moderate range, and low ending lag. Similar to his down special, the shine, its said semi-spike trajectory makes his down smash a effective edge-guarding move. Fox also has some ways to combo into a down smash. Like his other two smashes, he can hit the opponent lightly with the first hit of his jab (at under around 90%; above will send the opponent too far up), or an up tilt (at very low percentages) to put them under hitstun, then use his down smash as a finisher when near the edge, or at least get them offstage.

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