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Hitboxes of Fox's up special.

Fox's Up special move, Fire Fox, serves as his main use of vertical recovery. When used, Fox charges by surrounding himself with flames and within a few seconds, he will fly into the direction that the control stick inputs by the player. It does decent knockback to opponents if Fox runs into them. Unlike Fox's up special from Smash 64, the charging stage now has said flames that will do damage to any opponent that gets near him and when he advances, he will be completely covered in flames. A good recovery move, as no matter what direction the player tilts the control stick at, Fox will cover a great amount of distance from it despite being easy to read where he will propel himself. That said, it is not a good attacking move and is easily punished by shielding or by keeping a good distance and by waiting for Fox to approach. If the attack for any reason hits the ground, it will not suffer from too much landing lag but Fox will then bounce off to an direction.

Speed comparison between PAL/NTSC and Falco.

In the PAL version of the game, the speed curve of the traveling part of the move was altered slightly. Its average speed was lowered, but its initial speed was raised.

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