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Fox (SSBM)/Side special

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Fox's side special move is known as Fox Illusion, a move that involves Fox dashing forward whilst leaving afterimages of himself behind. These afterimages can damage opponents, but they are very weak. The move is primarily used as a recovery move, and it travels a decent distance, though inferior to the distance traveled by Fire Fox. However, Fox Illusion is a much faster horizontal recovery move, meaning it is Fox's best option for horizontal recoveries. The move knocks opponents who are hit by the afterimages upward slightly, but it is very weak and not a useful attack.

It is also possible to shorten the length of this move by quickly pressing the B button again after initiating the move. There are 5 shortened lengths for the move; one for each of the 5 frames in which Fox travels forward. Shortening the move is useful for making it to the edge whilst avoiding gimping options such as Marth's neutral attack.

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