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Banjo & Kazooie using Wonderwing to attack King K. Rool.
User Banjo & Kazooie
Universe Banjo-Kazooie

Wonderwing (ワンダーウイング, Wonderwing) is Banjo & Kazooie's side special move.


It involves Kazooie protecting Banjo with her wings as he charges forward, which is a powerful attack that overrides almost all other attacks (save for grabs). However, the duo can only use the move five times every stock, as represented by five Gold Feathers that are displayed on each use. If used without feathers, the duo simply stumbles; if used in the air too close to the ground, Banjo hits the floor in a downed state, which cannot be teched. One feather is spent once the dash initiates; if Banjo is interrupted in any way during the move's startup, the move is aborted but a feather will not be spent.

Uniquely, while normally attacks beat grabs when they trade on the same frame, Wonderwing is specially designed to lose to grab trades. In addition, grabbing the duo out of the move causes it to only deal 0.25x damage to the grabber.[1]

The duo does not get the full five Gold Feathers to begin a stock in certain situations:

  • In Sudden Death and Super Sudden Death, they only get one.
  • In stamina battles, the number of feathers is based on the duo's starting HP:
    • 150 HP: 5
    • 100 HP: 4
    • 80 HP: 3
    • 50 HP: 2
    • 30 HP: 2
    • 10 HP: 1

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List Uses a golden feather to become invincible and charge forward. Used feathers will not be replenished until you are KO'd.


The Wonderwing in Banjo-Kazooie.

The Wonderwing is a move taught to Banjo and Kazooie by Bottles in Clanker's Cavern of Banjo-Kazooie as one of the duo's utility moves began from a crouch. It renders the duo invulnerable to all damage, including fall damage and terrain damage (as long as such terrain is shallow enough to walk in), and kills any enemy on contact in one hit (even undead enemies, which are otherwise indestructible). It can be activated anywhere Banjo can crouch, but requires a stock of rare Gold Feathers; the move begins by expending one Gold Feather and continues to use one every two seconds. The duo can hold up to 10 Gold Feathers, though Cheato can double this limit. Unlike most moves in the game, it is almost completely optional; its main purpose is for breaking through challenges the player finds too difficult on their own, and it also provides protection from the homing attack used in the final battle, which is an otherwise unavoidable drain on health.

The move returns in Banjo-Tooie with minimal changes itself, though the ways the game has changed around it mean it is less useful. Enemies now run from the duo when Wonderwing is active, so it is harder to hit them with it, and as enemies now respawn after a time, it is unlikely to be worth the effort. The move requires the duo to be together and untransformed, which makes it inaccessible for a much larger proportion of the game. Most dangerous terrain (but inconsistently, not all) now applies its damage via Dragundas, large creatures that grab the duo through the move and spit them out, rather than the move protecting against the terrain itself. Certain crushing hazards (again, inconsistently) also play a cutscene before activating that shuts off the player's controls and thus the use of the move before its protection can be used. The move also provides a faint light that can be enough to skip some dark room puzzles. While it is easier to use due to the game featuring regenerating ammo pickups, it remains very situational, with nothing requiring it aside from a single Jinjo behind a boiling waterfall.