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Command Selection

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Command Selection
Hero Down B SSBU.gif
Hero browsing through the commands.
User Hero
Universe Dragon Quest
Article on Dragon Quest Wiki Spell List

Command Selection (コマンド選択, Command Selection) is Hero's down special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


When the command is inputted, the Hero will go into a thinking pose, and the player will be given a random selection of four spells from Hero's spell pool to choose from, with a total of 21 possible spells. In Home-Run Contest, Command Selection will always show Sizzle, Kaboom, Flame Slash, and Hatchet Man in that order. While this list is open, Hero cannot move unless he shields or jumps, which will cancel the move altogether. The spells available are chosen upon inputting the move, and if the player does not see a spell they wish to use at the time, they can shield and immediately cancel the spell selection, and then input the special again to get another random selection of four spells. If the player holds towards the other direction upon selection, Hero will immediately turn around upon executing the move. Spells cannot appear twice in a row.

MP refilling is paused while the menu is open. Additionally, the Hero can only have the menu out for 8 seconds.

List of spells[edit]

Moves highlighted in the same colour will cross-stale each other, and also will never appear at the same time as each other (slash attacks excluded).

Spell Image MP Relative odds of appearing Description
Hero Sizz.jpg 8 16 A flame projectile sent forward. The projectile spreads out momentarily after it hits a target, which can also harm bystanders. Lacks KO potential onstage, but can KO opponents offstage.
Hero Sizzle.jpg 20 20 A flame projectile sent forward quickly. The projectile spreads out momentarily after it hits a target, which can also harm bystanders. Deals high damage for its speed. Deals decent knockback, KOing around 100% near the ledge.
Hero Bang.jpg 9 16 A small explosive flame projectile sent forward. Explodes with a small radius on contact with opponents, or after a set distance. Deals decent knockback, KOing vertically starting at around 130%.
Hero Kaboom.jpg 37 20 A projectile that explodes with a large radius after a certain distance, or on contact with opponents. The instant before the explosion pulls opponents in if they're close enough. Possesses high knockback and a very large explosion hitbox, KOing around 85% vertically.
Hero Snooze.jpg 16 17 A forward-moving projectile that sends opponents to sleep if it connects and can pass through multiple opponents; however, it can be blocked. The projectile puts opponents to sleep for longer at close range, but gets larger at further ranges. Snooze can affect aerial opponents, which can KO offstage opponents should they be too far to maneuver towards the stage. However, opponents in the air are put to sleep for a much shorter amount of time; the clean aerial hitbox puts opponents to sleep for less time than the latest grounded hitbox.
Flame Slash
Flame Slash)
Hero Flame Slash.jpg 12 18 A quick slash with the Hero's sword cloaked in flame. Deals considerable damage and knockback, and has huge range in front of him; however, only hitting with the blade itself grants high KO power. Capable of KOing midweights at earlier than 95% from the center of Final Destination.
Kacrackle Slash
Mahyad Slash)
Hero Kacrackle Slash.jpg 11 18 A quick slash with the Hero's sword cloaked in frost. Freezes opponents; the blade freezes for considerably longer, having a 2× multiplier to frames frozen.
Metal Slash
Metal Slash)
Hero Metal Slash.jpg 6 7 Hero slashes his sword forward. Instantly KOs any metal opponent, including another Hero using Kaclang. When used against non-metal opponents, it will only deal 1% damage and weak knockback. Since items are turned off in competitive play, the move is practically useless except when used on another Hero using Kaclang.

If there is a metal opponent present when the menu is opened, the odds of Metal Slash are multiplied by 4.[1] However, in spirit battles or Custom Smash, it is instead multiplied by 0.2.[2].

Hatchet Man
Evil Slash)
Hero Hatchet Man.jpg 15 18 A forceful downward slash which resembles his forward smash, triggering Special Zoom on-hit. Has considerable start-up, but possesses very high damage and knockback, making it capable of KOing considerably early, and much earlier at the ledge. It can also instantaneously break a full shield, similar to a fully charged Shield Breaker.
Hero Whack.jpg 10 8 Hero swings his hand forward, sending out a slow-moving dark purple projectile. Has a chance to instantly KO the opponent, with a higher chance for it to occur the more damage the opponent has. Deals little damage and no knockback. If reflected, the projectile will be angled.

The formula for Whack to succeed is:[3][4][5]

1 + 200(pt - 20) / 280 + 20 * (pH / 300)

...where pt is the target's percent pre-hit limited to between 20% and 300%, and pH is Hero's percent limited to 300% or less. As a result, the final rate is 1% when the opponent is below 20% damage, and scales up to 100% when the opponent is just below 160% damage, with a maximum extra 20% chance if Hero is at 300% damage.

Hero Thwack.jpg 30 12 Hero swings his hand forward, and a large dark purple spark appears directly in front of him. Has a chance to instantly KO the opponent, with a higher chance for it to occur the more damage the opponent has. It has a very large hitbox, and a windbox around it which pulls nearby opponents in; however, it also has considerable startup lag. It deals only 3% damage and little knockback, and can be reflected, absorbed, and shielded.

The success formula of Thwack is identical to Whack.

Magic Burst
Hero Magic Burst.jpg All 5 A powerful and massive blast that grows in size, similar to a Smart Bomb explosion. It hits multiple times and is active for a few seconds. Consumes all of the Hero's remaining MP; the spell's power and range depends on how much MP the Hero has left. The damage dealt is multiplied by 0.2 + 0.008MP, with the value being between 0.2x and 1x, depending on how much MP Hero has. With full MP, the attack will have extremely big range and damage, covering half of Final Destination and having potential to KO anyone at percents below 50. Due to these factors, it is widely considered to be one of, if not, the Hero's best command special and arguably the most feared, albeit only in circumstances where Hero has at least around half of his MP remaining. Additionally, the move is blockable, with each hit having slightly reduced shield damage. Finally, projectiles are able to cancel the move regardless, as well as him being attacked within the beginning of the move.
Hero Kamikazee.jpg 1 5 Hero crosses his arms and begins to glow. Time slows down during this period. After a few seconds, he explodes, instantly KOing himself and delivering heavy unblockable damage and knockback to any opponent in a large radius, and the sweetspot can KO many opponents within the 50-60% range. Any other nearby fighters will react to this move with a shocked expression. Using this will count as a KO for the last opponent to hit him. Hero is intangible during the chargeup.

Kamikazee does not appear to be available as a menu option during the World of Light Finale.

Psyche Up
Hero Psyche Up.jpg 14 16 Noticeably increases the power of the Hero's next attack; specifically, it increases the damage by 1.2×, knockback by 1.2×, and shield damage by 1.65×, acting similar to Revenge. Projectiles are not affected by Psyche Up. Boosts the power of the Hero's throws as well, making them very powerful, especially the Hero's up throw and his forward throw when used near the ledge. When grabbing opponents, be aware that pummeling counts as an attack and will use up Psyche Up.
Hero Oomph.jpg 16 16 Increases the Hero's attack power by 1.6× and his knockback by 1.1× for 10 seconds. However, he also takes 1.2× more damage, and Oomph won't affect projectiles. When combined with Psyche Up, his up throw KOs middle-weights at around 130% at ground level of Battlefield and Final Destination, and forward throw at 120% at the ledge, and even earlier with rage.
Hero Acceleratle.jpg 13 16 Increases the Hero's movement speed by a significant amount for 10 seconds, similar to Lightweight; it also increases Hero's launch rate by 1.1×. His jump height becomes one of the tallest in the game and he can run faster than Sonic.
Hero Kaclang.jpg 6 5 Encases the Hero in metal and makes him impervious to both damage and knockback for 5 seconds, but also prevents him from taking any action. It cannot be canceled once activated. However, the Hero can still be KOed by another Hero using Metal Slash, and any well-timed attack is sufficient to punish him during the ending lag of the move. Using Kaclang in the air will grant the Hero a hitbox on his descent and allow him to move left and right until he lands.

Kaclang cannot appear in the last 30 seconds of a timed match.

Hero Bounce.jpg 14 16 A lingering spell that reflects projectiles for 12 seconds. Like a Franklin Badge, Bounce lets the Hero move around and act while active. One of the Hero's best approaching tools against projectile users, due to him being able to perform any action while keeping out an active reflector.
SSBUWebsiteHero3.jpg 7 7 Heals Hero by 11% damage. Heal is only available to be used 2 times before it will stop appearing for selection, however scoring KOs will increase this amount by 1 each. It will be available 2 times again after Hero respawns.
Hero Zoom.jpg 8 15 Hero jumps directly upward, going past the limits of the camera, and then falls directly downwards onto a random part of the stage, no matter where he was when the spell was inputted. If used when there is a ceiling above Hero, he will shoot up until he meets the platform, at which point he will collide against it, while still being able to act afterwards. It has invincibility frames as soon as Hero starts to fly. It can be used as a last-ditch recovery if Hero will be unable to reach the ledge otherwise. Hero can perform an action as soon as he starts to fall back down, and the descent can be cancelled by jumping or charging Frizz.

If Hero is close to a blast line (within 40 units), the odds of Zoom are multiplied by 3.[6]

Hocus Pocus
Hero Hocus Pocus.jpg 4 3 A spell with random effects, both positive and negative, and also can take the form of other Command Selection spells.

Acceleratle Stats Buff[edit]

Stat Buff
Knockback taken 1.1x
Walking 2x
Initial dash 2.1x
Running 2.3x
Air speed 2.1x
Air acceleration 2.5x
Air friction 2.1x
Fall/Fast-Fall speed 1.25x

Hocus Pocus effects[edit]

Type Chance Effect
Positive 4.88% Makes him giant.
Positive 1.22% Makes him invincible.
Positive 3.96% MP is refilled to 100. Has a unique sound effect upon use.
Negative 6.10% Applies a timer effect to himself.
Negative 6.10% MP is reduced to 0.
Negative 6.10% Inflicts poison to himself, dealing 27.5% damage total.
Negative 6.10% Inflicts sleep on himself.
Negative 5.49% Makes him small.
Negative 6.10% Inflicts the flower effect on himself, dealing a maximum of 22% damage without mashing.
Neutral 6.10% Turns him invisible.
Neutral Heal: 1.52%
Kaclang: 1.52%
Kamikazee: 0.910%
All other spells: 2.44% for each
One of the Hero's commands is granted for 4 MP instead of the value it usually consumes, with the exception of Magic Burst, which will consume all MP as usual.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List HeroHeadSSBU.png Opens a command window that you can choose a command from. You can cancel the window by jumping or shielding.


In the Dragon Quest series, all magic is chosen using a command list that lists off every spell the party member currently knows. Notably, the command list in Dragon Quest lacks the random element that the Command Selection has in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; the randomness was likely added to Super Smash Bros. due to a combination of balance purposes and the unwieldiness of having to navigate the full spell list in the middle of a match.

All the spells shown in Command Selection are spells or spell-like abilities that have previously appeared in the Dragon Quest series:

The thinking pose Hero takes while selecting a spell is similar to one of the Luminary's in-battle idle animations in Dragon Quest XI.



The English (above) and Japanese (below) versions of the Spell Menu
  • Command Selection is the only special move of Hero that is not a charge special.
  • As Command Selection has 21 different spell commands, the Hero has the highest amount of unique special moves of any character.
  • According to an interview with the Dragon Quest XI S staff, who collaborated with Masahiro Sakurai during development of Hero for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Command Selection was a way to implement as many of the moveset ideas Sakurai came up with as possible, as well as appealing to beginner players by allowing the character to use powerful and satisfying moves.[7]
  • The Hero's spell menu differs depending on the language the character is played in. If the game is played in Japanese, the menu is silver, whereas, in other languages, the menu is brown. This is based on the English localization of Dragon Quest XI, where the menus, text boxes, etc., were changed in color.
  • Metal Slash is the only move that can only instantly KO opponents that are under a special status, with that being the metal status.
  • Whack and Thwack are the only moves that can instantly KO opponents without using items, status effects, or Final Smashes. In addition, along with Metal Slash, they are also the only moves that are capable of inducing an instant KO regardless of the target's damage percentage, even 0%.
  • Kamikazee is the only move that instantly KOs its user.
  • Kamikazee will cause all other nearby fighters to wear a shocked expression once the move is executed, similar to how characters react to Final Smashes and explosives.
  • Hero can perform Kamikazee without KOing himself in the Spirit Team testing variation of the Controls test stage (as other characters can only be selected when testing Spirit Teams). When done, he will still radiate light and Sandbag will be damaged if it is close to the player, but the explosion sound and visuals will not occur, the shine will dissipate, and Hero will remain in the Kamikazee pose for a moment before landing on the ground (as he is in the air for a brief moment after usage).
  • Some moves that appear in Command Selection are unable to be used by the Heroes in the original games (for example, the Luminary cannot learn Kamikazee in Dragon Quest XI).
  • Hero’s Zoom spell is also used for his on-screen appearance.
  • The Hero's head slamming on a ceiling while using Zoom is a reference to a recurring joke in the Dragon Quest series, in which using the spell while indoors (aside from Dragon Quest XI when not in 2D mode) would have a similar result.
  • With Acceleratle, Hero becomes the fastest character in the game, even surpassing Sonic.
  • Due to the removal of the Cloaking Device after Melee, Hocus Pocus is one of the only ways to turn a fighter invisible mid-match, the other ways being certain Assist Trophies.
  • In Hero's reveal trailer, Psyche Up was shown to use 17 MP, and Oomph to use 18 MP; upon Hero's release, these values were changed to 14 and 16.
  • Heal is one of two limited-use special moves in the Smash series that cannot be replenished until the user loses a stock, the other move being Wonderwing. However, unlike Wonderwing, Heal can also be replenished if the user scores a KO.