Pikmin Throw

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Pikmin Throw
Pikmin Throw SSBU.jpg
Olimar tossing a Purple Pikmin in Ultimate.
User Olimar
Universe Pikmin
Article on Pikipedia Throw
Throw Pikmin out to do your bidding. If it hits its mark, the Pikmin will cling and cause damage.
Brawl's instruction manual
Thrown Pikmin cling to foes and deal damage.
Smash for 3DS's foldout
Throws Pikmin. Most Pikmin stick to opponents, but Purple Pikmin slam them.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Pikmin Throw (ピクミン投げ, Throw Pikmin) is Olimar's side special move.


When used, Captain Olimar throws a Pikmin at an enemy, who then latches onto the enemy and slowly racks up damage, similar to the effects of Lip's Stick. Different Pikmin have different effects when thrown. The move should be used to repel incoming opponents that are charging at Olimar while he is throwing Pikmin (latched-on Pikmin do not cause an enemy to flinch, and so they can continue attacking normally). Olimar's attacks require lots of training to be made effective. However, it may make opponents have to take time to knock the Pikmin off.

Pikmin can be reflected back at Olimar, in which case, they will stick to him. The player can simply use Pikmin Order to get them off if this happens.

The less damage the opponent has, the longer time the Pikmin will latch on. Also, Pikmin are unable to latch onto Subspace Emissary enemies; they will instead deal damage as they pass through. A strong attack is usually enough to not only shake off the Pikmin, but usually also kill them. Pikmin will not be shaken off by an attack they are immune to (trying to Falcon Punch a Red Pikmin off one's body will have no effect).

In SSB4, Olimar can now use his Pikmin to get items from afar, although this is exclusive to the Wii U version. Olimar can throw the Pikmin where the item is and the Pikmin will carry the item back to Olimar for him to use. They can latch onto and destroy items like the Beetle, even after Olimar picks them up. Among items Pikmin won’t bring back to Olimar are Bob-ombs, Uniras, Soccer Balls, Grass, Warp Stars, Super Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms, Lightning, Golden Hammers, Mr. Saturns, Cuccos, Sandbags, Super Stars, Smash Balls, heavy items, and completed Daybreaks.

Effects when thrown by color[edit]

Color Damage per hit Effects
Red 2% 1.1% 2% No special characteristics other than dealing flame damage, so the latched character should avoid passing too close to a Blast Box.
Yellow 2% 1.1% 2% When thrown, travels slower and in a higher arc than other Pikmin, which can make it easier or harder to land a hit. Deals electric damage when latched.
Blue 2% 1.1% 2% Can survive in water, such as in select areas within the Subspace Emissary or in stages that include water.
White 6% 3.7% 4.6% Deals darkness damage, around triple the amount of other Pikmin, and can easily rack up 30% damage or more if allowed to do so. Travels very fast and very far when thrown; easier to land a hit but also easier to toss off the stage by accident.
Purple 6% 6.5% 6% Instead of latching onto opponents, Purple Pikmin simply ram into them and deal damage once. Low knockback but enough to flinch and mix-up a character expecting to run through Olimar's attack unencumbered. Can be used to gimp opponents off-stage.

Number of times that the Pikmin will attack the opponent[edit]

The total number of times the Pikmin will attack the opponent depends on the damage that the opponent has when the Pikmin latches onto them.

Damage Attacks
1%-2% 9 11
3%-24% 8 11
25%-62% 7 10
63%-92% 6 9
93%-122% 5 8
123%-152% 4 7
153%-182% 3 6
183%+ 2 5


  • There is a glitch where when fighting a boss, throwing the Pikmin at it may have some Pikmin hit it, while 1 or 2 Pikmin latch on then fall down. The Pikmin that latched on the boss will never get to hit.
  • If a player throws some types of Pikmin into a certain area (like Red, Blue, and White Pikmin towards the blocks in Green Greens or Mushroomy Kingdom stage 1-2), the Pikmin will get stuck and spin on, then soon die. The player cannot whistle them back.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Pikmin Throw 2. Sticky Pikmin Throw 3. Tackle Pikmin Throw
"Throw your Pikmin. Most colors will stick to opponents, but purple Pikmin will slam them." "Throw Pikmin that are harder to shake off, but their attacks do less damage." "All Pikmin will behave like Purple Pikmin: they'll slam into opponents instead of sticking."
  1. Pikmin Throw: Default.
  2. Sticky Pikmin Throw: Pikmin do slightly less damage per hit, but will stay latched onto opponents for longer and attack faster, thus dealing more damage overall. However, Pikmin are not thrown as far.
  3. Tackle Pikmin Throw: As said in the description, all non-purple Pikmins now act like Purple Pikmins, by ramming into opponents and dealing damage.


Art of Olimar throwing a Pikmin from Pikmin.

In Pikmin, if Olimar is unable to direct the Pikmin to something, he could alternatively throw them to what he wanted them to interact with. Thrown at enemies, the Pikmin will cling to them and attack. Due to not being very strong by themselves, the key to the Pikmin's power was to overwhelm enemies with large numbers of them. Often, throwing Pikmin onto a creature's back is a safer alternative, not only avoiding attack but sometimes dealing additional damage or even killing weaker enemies outright. Additionally, differently colored Pikmin have different traveling arcs: Yellow Pikmin can be thrown the highest, whereas Purple Pikmin have the shortest distance because of their mass.



  • In Brawl, Pikmin Throw uniquely won’t change pitch upon growing or shrinking.
  • In SSB4 and Ultimate, yellow Pikmin make a unique sound with smash attacks and Pikmin Throw.