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Infinite Dimensional Cape

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The Infinite Dimensional Cape, sometimes abbreviated as IDC, is a technique in Super Smash Bros. Brawl where Meta Knight is able to exploit his Dimensional Cape to remain impervious for extended periods of time. When using this move, Meta Knight is invisible as long as this technique is repeatedly done, and cannot be harmed or attacked, as all attacks simply pass through his hurtbox undetected. By starting the Dimensional Cape move, then repeatedly and very quickly using the upward smash attack while simultaneously holding down on the control stick, Meta Knight can remain in flux for as long as the technique can be properly maintained, which can be quite difficult. He can also move left and right, but must remain primarily on the ground to sustain the IDC.

The GameCube and Classic controllers are able to execute the maneuver with standard controls by using the C-stick or right analog stick for upward attacks. It is also possible with the Nunchuk by converting a button into an upward smash, or by using the shake smash. It is much easier to perform using a button instead of a joystick. The Wii remote by itself cannot be used to perform the IDC, as the upward smash attack can only be assigned to the 'up' direction, and the technique requires pressing two opposing directions on the pad ('up' and 'down') at the same time: a hardware impossibility.

When Meta Knight exits the infinite maneuver, he will most likely attack, and may be open to punishment if not used carefully. If Meta Knight falls off an edge while using this technique, he will become helpless and unable to grab the edge, just as he would when using a normal Dimensional Cape.

In competitive play[edit]

The potential effectiveness of this move is astounding for defense and offense alike, allowing evasion of virtually any kind of attack, while stealthily transporting to attack opponents (a nearly perfect approach). A player could also use the technique for stalling purposes, and even stalling for the entire match and winning by damage percentage (though nearly impossible due to the extreme difficulty in performing). For these reasons, the glitch has been banned by the Smash Back Room for use in certified tournament play.

Disgruntled, many Smash players, in response to the technique, coined the term "Dimensional Infinite Cape of the Knight", or DICK for short. Though not chosen as the common name of the technique, the colloquial acronym has remained popular with some Smash players.

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