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The Smash Back Room (formerly the Melee Back Room; also known as the SBR) is a protected forum on SmashBoards. Only members that have shown considerable knowledge or skill (either by posting intelligently or by tournament placement) are permitted to read and post in this forum. The Smash Back Room is most famous for producing a North American tier list, and for releasing suggested rule sets that tournament organizers often used in an effort to keep a standard play format across all regions.

While the Smash Back Room is often criticized for its lack of openness and its exclusivity, it is still the de facto "governing body" of most of the competitive Smash community in the United States, Canada, and some other regions. Their tier list is held in the highest regard by the professional community. However, the rule list has met with issues with different areas complaining about the stage list (either it being too liberal or too conservative). This has happened a lot more often with the Brawl list in comparison to Melee. There have also been issues more recently with other parts of the ruleset; specifically being the amount of ledge grabs allowed (mostly as an Anti-Meta Knight rule) and what should occur after a timeout. The stage list issue has been addressed partially by the creation of a separate group, the Unity Ruleset Committee (formerly the BBR Ruleset Committee).

The 4 Smash Backrooms[edit]

BBR: Smash Brawl Backroom[edit]

Also known as SBR-B, or Smash Back Room-Brawl, this backroom designed the Brawl matchup chart and the tier list for the community. It originally designed the stage list for competitive play. Membership applications are approved by either Marc, Hylian, AlphaZealot, or Shaya. AlphaZealot is the head of BBR for AllisBrawl members who apply, while Marc is the head of European applications.

MBR: Melee Backroom[edit]

Also known as SBR-M, or Smash Back Room-Melee, and originally named SBR (Smash Back Room) prior to Brawl, this backroom was the original backroom which inspired the Grimer avatars. Membership applications are approved by either HyugaRiodeau, Cactuar, unknown522, Slhoka, or Marc. Slhoka is the head of European MBR applications.

64BR: Smash 64 Backroom 2012-2013[edit]

Also known as SBR-64, or Smash Back Room N64, this backroom is named for the N64 symbol, which members use as their symbol. Membership can be approved by either Surri-Sama, SuPeRbOoM, asianaussie, or cheeseball341. Alternatively, the members were approved by the head of the Backrooms in general, Marc, but this was much less common. Outside of the moderators, the (once) members are listed here as well as below

4BR: Smash 4 Backroom[edit]


Also known as SBR-4, or Smash 4 Back Room, was officially announced on November 13th, 2015. It is currently being led by Camalange, Neo Zero, and TheReflexWonder. The many members of this backroom will be managing community patch, voting on tier lists, and creating standardized rulesets for Smash 4. Once the group outlines project plans and establishes direction, it should continue to grow in size. Many well known Smash 4 community members are already established as members of the room. The three official tier lists can be found here.

History and Closures[edit]

The main creation and impact of the backroom were a proper ruleset which was as a ruleset for online and offline tournaments for the next several years. Otherwise, an online ladder; which closed later due to inactivity; as well as the start to a Matchup Chart were made.

Unfortunately, the initial backrooms closed several months later due to excessive spam by the members. This was shortly and abruptly after a new application process was made on Smashboards. BRoomer member KoRoBeNiKi noted that the backroom, while useful, was similar to a social thread but without many moderators. It was "swept under a rug" and is rarely referenced as an old in-joke by former members. Later ideas of creating a new backroom were made, which resulted in the creation of the Sm4sh BR.

Unity Ruleset Committee[edit]

  • A separate entity from the SBR-B, specifically used to design a universal stage list for all tournaments in order to unite the United States, and after v1.4, the Canadian smash communities.
  • Users on Smashboards have a light/Aqua blue description or name designating being part of this group
  • Group is made up of top tournament hosts from across the United States and Canada
  • Designed the Unity Ruleset
  • Members are:
    • AlphaZealot (Ohio)
      • The head of the group
      • Is well known for being the MLG-Brawl representative/hosting the MLG tournaments
      • A Mid-West tournament host mostly known for his Delta Upsillon series and for being a top Diddy Kong in the Midwest
    • Bizkit (Connecticut)
      • Host of the Hall of Gaming and DNA series.
      • Snake main
    • Clowsui
    • ChiboSempai (Pennsylvania)
      • Former main head of the group
      • A Super-Admin on Smashboards
      • A top R.O.B. main in Brawl
      • An East coast tournament host mostly known for his Clash of the Titans series along with his DSO series. The Clash of Titans series specifically has had some of the largest tournaments ever hosted in Brawl.
    • DeLux (Kansas)
      • Runs the "Battle to End Hunger" and "L-Town Throw Down" Series out of Kansas City/Lawrence
      • Director of the Smash Lab on SmashBoards
      • Ice Climbers main
    • M@v (Pennsylvania)
      • Runs the /Hope tournament series
      • Has helped run events from Central PA to North East Ohio
      • Fox main
    • Mike Haze (California)
      • Host of the biweekly Elite 4 tournament series in Southern California, which schedules a large event once in every 5 events
      • Top Marth main in the United States
    • Player-1 (Georgia)
      • Tournament organizer who runs the SALT tournament series
      • Diddy Kong main
    • Ran (Colorado)
      • Formerly a prominent Brawl and Melee tournament host in Louisiana
      • Moved to Colorado, where he hosted the NOM and Last Smash tournament series
      • Snake main
    • Technical_Chase (Michigan)
      • Established tournament host who helped revive Michigan's Brawl scene
      • Runs several series, such as Get Schooled! and TC's Smash Cafe
      • King Dedede main
    • t1mmy (Oregon)
      • AllisBrawl certified tournament host
      • Host of the Emerald City Brawl series
      • Coordinates events in Washington and Oregon
      • Meta Knight main
    • T-block (West Canada)
      • Host of the Rock Paper Scissors series
      • Diddy Kong main
    • TheReflexWonder (Alabama)
    • Tin Man (East Canada)
      • Host of the Showdown in Downtown series
      • Olimar main
    • Today (Ohio)
      • Host of the School is in Session series
      • Mr. Game & Watch main
    • UTDZac (Texas)
      • Runs the Dallas Phase series
      • SmashBoards moderator
      • Mr. Game & Watch main
    • Xyro (Texas)
      • Southern host of the HOBO and WHOBO tournaments. the WHOBO series specifically has had the largest tournaments in the South
      • One of the top 2 Samus users in the United States (along with NOID from the east coast)
    • Yink (Iowa)
      • Host of the Brainshock Beta series
      • Ness main
    • Z'zgashi (Utah)

Former members[edit]

    • ESAM (South Carolina)
      • Southern host of the Zero Ping monthly series
      • Top Pikachu user in Brawl
    • Havok (California)
      • West coast tournament series host/co-host of multiple large West Coast tournaments such as the Chula Vista and San Diego series
      • Member of the Marth and Meta Knight Backroom
      • Also well known for his Smash Podcast known as the Electric Scribble
    • Keitaro (New Jersey)
      • East Coast tournament host mostly known for his KTAR and SKTAR series
      • Falco user
    • The Real Inferno (Kansas)
      • Midwest tournament host of the NO Koast series and other Witchita tournaments
      • R.O.B. user

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