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From his LinkedIn profile. Had to do numerous cross-checks on info just to make sure it's the right guy, and sure enough, everything's on point. Not sure what to categorize this as though so I'll leave it blank for the time being and revisit it later if someone hasn't already beat me to it. I can't find any other images of him so this is the best we're gonna get.
Additional info
Real name Ricky Tilton
Location Pennsylvania United States

Gideon is the founder of SmashBoards and this wiki. Gideon's involvement with Smash began in June 1999 when he founded Smash World, a website devoted entirely to Smash 64. In 2000, he founded Smash World Forums, which later became the world's largest Smash forum. In response to the growing scope of Smash World Forums, he officially opened SmashWiki in March 2007, alongside a number of other websites over the years.

In March 2008, Gideon sold Smash World Forums to Major League Gaming for an undisclosed sum, which led to the shutdown of the various fansites he had founded. Since then, Gideon has had no active involvement with the Smash community.