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X's logo after its rebrand in July 2023.

X, formerly known as Twitter, is an American online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets".

On July 23, 2023, Elon Musk, a business magnate who bought the platform in October 2022, began the process of rebranding Twitter to X.

Relevance to the Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Nintendo owns and operates a host of X accounts to promote games and products, as well as provide general corporate updates and announcements. More specifically, Nintendo operates an account called Nintendo Versus, which focuses on competitive games, including the Super Smash Bros. games, while in Japan, Nintendo runs the account @SmashBrosJP that solely shares news and other content related to Smash.

Starting on December 27, 2019, Masahiro Sakurai started using his X page to post daily images of Ultimate at 11 PM EST (3 AM UTC), similar to his "Pic of the Day" series on Miiverse. He retired from uploading these pictures of the day on August 23, 2022 due to running out of pictures to upload. On May 9, 2024, Nintendo announced they are dropping Twitter's support for the Nintendo Switch on June 10.[1][2]

Community participation[edit]

In the mid-2010s, "Smash Twitter" rose to become one of the most integral parts of the Smash community as a whole. Many popular Smashers own X accounts and often post various things about Super Smash Bros. on these accounts, including promotions for their Super Smash Bros. related YouTube videos, as well as comments about tournaments or even asking their followers questions or making a poll about the games. Players will affectionately refer to X activities within the Smash community as "Smash Twitter".

Tournament directors also use X to promote their event, tweeting out when and on what stream a tournament is starting, what bracket is being streamed, and sometimes results of a recent match, or the whole tournament. Groups that manage power rankings such as PG Stats use X to post updates on the power ranking, as well as the rankings themselves when the season is over.

Starting around the launch of Ultimate, high level players began to notice the prevalence of misleading clips of combos performed by various fighters, which gave the impression that the fighters in question had a significantly stronger combo game that what could practically be achieved in competitive play. They were usually performed against low level CPUs in Training mode, but were sometimes taken from online play as well, and a new wave of them would often be posted every time a new fighter was released. These were given the sarcastic name of "Twitter combos", and are often regarded as dubious by high level players.

X played an essential role in the success of the 2020 Super Smash Bros. sexual misconduct allegations, resulting in various reforms to the fashion in which tournaments are run, as well as the bans of various high-level competitors.


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