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Smash World

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Smash World
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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Hatena Co., Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Hatena Co., Ltd.
Genre(s) App/Service
Platform(s) Android, iOS
For other uses of "Smash World", see Smash World (disambiguation).

Smash World (スマプラス, Smash Plus) is a supplementary service and social app for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It became active on April 17th, 2019 as a free service and accessible through the Nintendo Switch Online app on smartphones and tablets. An active Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to log in.

The service allows users to view, post, and download videos made with the Video Editor or stages made with the Stage Builder in Ultimate within the service for use in the game itself. The front page of the app has a collection of videos algorithmically decided to appear that refreshes everytime the user opens the app again. While viewing videos, the user can like the video with a thumbs up icon to boost it in the front page algorithm and share it to other platforms. Underneath the video or stage is a button that identifies the creator. Pressing the button takes the user to a special page containing all content made by said creator. Since all videos on the service are unlisted YouTube videos, the user has access to all YouTube settings in the app, including the ability to switch to the the YouTube moblie app and watch the video there. The service also allows players to voice chat with others in battle arenas, check in-game notifications and create nameable spirit teams from those already in the player's possession. The service also has a search engine to find videos featuring certain characters and a history feature that allows users to replay content previously viewed at any point.