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Smash World refers to the network of Smash Bros. sites dedicated to serving the needs of the Smash Community.

Smash World Sites[edit]

Smash World History[edit]

Smash World was created by Gideon on June 21, 1999, under the alias of Kamikaze. The original site that started it all, Super Smash Bros. Fantasy World, is still up.

The site was created in order to pass time as Gideon waited for his July birthday. Things went slow at first, but the site was maintained with daily updates.

About a year later, in August, one of the biggest Perfect Dark sites at the time offered free hosting to SSBFW. The tripod days were finally over. A new layout was created, and new forums were opened, which would eventually become SmashBoards. The new site was located at, and hits were drastically increasing. It was at about this time that some of Smash World's site rivalries became most fierce. Amorasaki owned one of the top rival sites to SSBFW. The highlight of those years came when Yahoo finally added SSBFW to their search directory. At that time Smash World finally got its own forums as opposed to using PD64's all the time. This was a big hit, and with around 100 members, (most like Treget came from PD64's forums) things looked bright.

On January 1st, 2001, to celebrate the 'official' millennium, yet another site layout was made for SSBFW. Treget and Gideon worked together to create what can now be seen at The new layout was released as scheduled on January 1st, 2001, and it made a huge impression on many people.

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