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Video Editor

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Video Editor in Ultimate.

Video Editor is a feature introduced in the 3.0.0 update of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that allow players to manipulate any replays they've recorded in-game. Multiple replays can be spliced together with a selection of transitions. One set of subtitles can also be added along with one music track from the game's soundtrack in conjunction with these replays.

There are five different options when a video is chosen for edit: delete, copy, split here, transition, and audio. And also there are four option when a snapshot is chosen: delete, copy, split here and transition. Once a video is finalized, it can be exported and uploaded to either Shared Content or Smash World, where they are subject to the same moderation system as other uploaded content. Replays played on Custom Stages in Stage Builder cannot be used in this mode. This also applies to replays featuring DLC Fighters that the player does not own.