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For the Colombian tournament, see Tournament:Smashdown
The character selection screen during Smashdown, excluding DLC characters.
The character selection screen during Smashdown, with all DLC characters.

Smashdown (全員バトル, Everyone Battle) is a multiplayer mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It consists of a series of matches, and after a character has been used in a match that character is not able to be chosen again until the series of matches is completed. It is one of three modes in the game's Special Smash mode, the other two being Custom Smash and Super Sudden Death.


Each player chooses a different character and participates in a standard Smash battle. After the battle ends, the characters used disappear from the roster for the rest of the game. Mii Fighters are not available in this mode and, just like Squad Strike, Echo Fighters are always displayed and counted as a separate character from their parent, even if the player choose to merge. Also, the number of battles played before the game ends can be adjusted, and enabling Mercy Rule will cause the game to end if a player has won enough battles to make losing impossible. Replays can't be saved in this mode.



  • It has been compared to a Full Roster Ironman.
  • The Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 indirectly featured this mode, as its main rule was that, after a player used a character, they could not use that character again.
  • This is the only mode where two players can't be the same character.
  • Smashdown is the only way to have a character select screen without Kirby on it, as he is the only character available at the start of World of Light, as well as a starter character.

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