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Elite Smash

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Elite Smash as introduced in the November Direct

Elite Smash (VIPマッチ, VIP Match) is an unlockable online mode on Quickplay that allows people with a certain Global Smash Power to access. Once a character reaches the necessary GSP, that character is allowed to fight in Elite Smash. However, if the character's GSP goes below the threshold, they will no longer be allowed to fight and be returned to quickplay. Characters in Elite Smash will be highlighted on the character select screen, while characters not in Elite Smash can still be played, but will be played in the usual Quickplay instead of Elite Smash. If the game can't find another Elite Smash player, they'll be paired with an ordinary foe.

Elite Smash was first revealed in the November 1st, 2018 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. In the same Direct, Masahiro Sakurai noted that developers would be looking at fights in Elite Smash to determine how to balance characters.

The GSP value required to access Elite Smash is not a fixed value, but rather it increases as more people reach the threshold. The win ratio the player has playing as a certain fighter also influences whether or not Elite Smash can be played as said character.

If a player disconnects in the middle of a battle, that player will lose GSP, but the other player will not gain GSP.

Players will be notified after the match when they unlock Elite Smash, and will not be able to rematch the opponent. The Quickplay and Background Matchmaking options will have an "Elite" tag on the top right corner.

Battling in an Elite Smash match for the first time will give the player a notice about it.



  • The game will not allow a rematch if the player enters or is kicked out of Elite Smash.


  • The message for reaching Elite Smash was changed.


  • An "Elite Only" Battle Arena ruleset was added, allowing only players who have at least one character in Elite Smash to be eligible to participate in one.


  • The GSP threshold for entry into Elite Smash was recalculated to allow more players. Additionally, the way initial values for GSP are calculated was also adjusted.