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The Spirit Board.

The Spirit Board (スピリッツボード, Spirit Board) is a sub-menu within the Spirits single-player mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It contains a random, periodically refreshed collection of Spirit Battles, which pit the player against Spirit-possessed fighters under special conditions. Spirits ranked Novice, Advance, and Ace will remain on the spirit board for five minutes, but Legend spirits will stay for fifteen minutes. The board starts off with six available choices but more slots are unlocked as the mode is played up to a maximum of ten. Many of these Spirits can also be obtained through World of Light.

Bowser attempting to get Magneton.

After completing the Spirit Battle, a scene ensues where the player must shoot the possessed fighter with a special gun to obtain the Spirit. The shot must be correctly timed to avoid hitting a rotating shield protecting the Puppet Fighter; the stronger the Spirit, the faster the shield will rotate and the smaller the gap. If the player hits the shield, they can spend Spirit Points (proportional to the Spirit's rank) to take a second shot; if they fail this shot as well or decline to pay, they will be returned to the Spirit Board without obtaining the Spirit. However, hitting the shield will destroy part of it, and this damage will be retained when the player finds the Spirit again. There are items that can make the timing of the shot easier by greatening the gap in the shield or slowing its rotation, as well as items that can be used to gain an advantage in the Spirit Battle such as by making the enemy slowly take damage or weaken their minions. Other items will alter the Spirits present on the board such as by rotating spirits or by making primary or support spirits appear exclusively.

Aside from Fighter Spirits, Master Spirits, and Spirits of Bosses, all Spirits can be obtained from the Spirit Board, including those found in World of Light; however, Spirits that can be found via summoning will not appear unless they have been previously summoned. Spirits that are obtained from a challenge will not appear on the Spirit Board until their challenges are completed. Additionally, spirits that must be summoned via evolution of another spirit do not have a spirit battle. Numerous Spirits can only be obtained exclusively from the Spirit Board. Spirits seem to be more common if the player doesn't have them.(citation needed)

As of Ver. 2.0.0, up to four players can participate in Spirit Battles offline. The number of players can be changed after selecting a challenge from the Spirit Board. However, if any of the players are KO'd, it counts as a defeat. Opponents will also have limited super armor.

List of Spirit Board Events[edit]

Occasionally (each week or so), special events involving Spirits fitting a specific theme will occur. When this happens, certain spirits who fit the theme will spawn at scripted time periods and defeating spirits that match the theme will grant bonus awards.

Event Name Starting Day Finishing Day Themed after Bonuses
Spectacled Spirits Flag of North America.svg
A Spectacle to Behold! Europe
12 (PT)/13 (ET) Dec 2018 16 (PT)/17 (ET) Dec 2018 Spirits with glasses. Gold
Fire Emblem Fest (Part 1) Flag of North America.svg
Fire Emblem Fest - Part 1 Europe
20 (PT)/21 (ET) Dec 2018 23 (PT)/24 (ET) Dec 2018 Spirits from the Fire Emblem universe. Spirit Points
Oh Yeah! Mario Time! 27 (PT)/28 (ET) Dec 2018 1 (PT)/2 (ET) Jan 2019 Spirits from the Mario universe. Gold
Classics! Flag of North America.svg
Now You're Playing with Spirit Power! Europe
3 (PT)/4 (ET) Jan 2019 6 (PT)/7 (ET) Jan 2019 Spirits related to games from the NES/Famicom. Snacks
Double XP and SP! Flag of North America.svg
Double EXP and SP! Europe
10 (PT)/11 (ET) Jan 2019 13 (PT)/14 (ET) Jan 2019 N/A EXP & SP earned would be doubled.
Fire Emblem Fest (Part 2) Flag of North America.svg
Fire Emblem Fest - Part 2 Europe
17 (PT)/18 (ET) Jan 2019 20 (PT)/21 (ET) Jan 2019 Spirits from the Fire Emblem universe. Gold
The More the Merrier 24 (PT)/25 (ET) Jan 2019 27 (PT)/28 (ET) Jan 2019 Spirits with multiple characters in them. Snacks
MEGA SPIRITS! Flag of North America.svg
Metal Heroes, Unite! Europe
31 Jan (PT)/1 Feb (ET) 2019 3 (PT)/4 (ET) Feb 2019 Spirits from the Mega Man universe. Gold
Well-Rounded Spirits 8 (PT)/9 (ET) Feb 2019 11 (PT)/12 (ET) Feb 2019 Spirits with a round shape. Spirit Points
Power, Wisdom, and Courage 15 (PT)/16 (ET) Feb 2019 18 (PT)/19 (ET) Feb 2019 Spirits from the Zelda universe. Gold
Kong Family Reunion 22 (PT)/23 (ET) Feb 2019 25 (PT)/26 (ET) Feb 2019 Spirits from the Donkey Kong universe. Snacks
Hard 'n' Heavy Metal 28 Feb (PT)/1 Mar (ET) 2019 3 (PT)/4 (ET) Mar 2019 Spirits with metallic bodies. Gold
Taking the Lead 7 Feb (PT)/8 Mar (ET) 2019 11 (PT)/12 (ET) Mar 2019 Spirits from racing games. Spirit Points
Green Is the New Black 14 (PT)/15 (ET) Mar 2019 17 (PT)/18 (ET) Mar 2019 Green colored spirits. Gold
Spring Snackfest! 21 (PT)/22 (ET) Mar 2019 24 (PT)/25 (ET) Mar 2019 N/A High number of snacks, Snack (L) obtained after each battle, SP earned would be tripled.



  • The possessed fighters encountered on the Spirit Board have their normal appearances, as opposed to the Puppet Fighters in World of Light that have red or purple eyes (depending on whether they are controlled by Galeem or Dharkon, respectively).

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