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The Spirit Board.

The Spirit Board (スピリッツボード, Spirit Board) is a sub-menu within the Spirits single-player mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It contains a random, periodically refreshed collection of Spirit Battles, which pit the player against Spirit-possessed fighters under special conditions. The board starts off with six available choices but more slots are unlocked as the mode is played up to a maximum of ten. Many of these Spirits can also be obtained through World of Light.

Bowser attempting to get Magneton.

After completing the Spirit Battle, the player must shoot the Puppet Fighter to obtain it. It will have a shield that will prevent the player from obtaining it. However, the damage on the shield is kept for the next time it appears. There are items that can make obtaining them easier, as well as items that can be used to gain an advantage in the Spirit Battle itself and alter the Spirits present on the board.

Aside from Fighter Spirits, Master Spirits, and Spirits of Bosses, all Spirits can be obtained from the Spirit Board, including those found in World of Light; however, Spirits that can be found via summoning will not appear unless they have been previously summoned. Spirits that are obtained from a challenge will not appear on the Spirit Board until their challenges are completed. Numerous Spirits can only be obtained exclusively from the Spirit Board. Spirits seem to be more common if the player doesn't have them.(citation needed)

List of Spirit Board Events[edit]

Occasionally, special events in which Spirits fitting a specific theme will occur each week. When this happens, certain spirits who fit the theme will spawn at scripted time periods and defeating spirits that match the theme will grant bonus awards.

Event Name Starting Day Finishing Day Themed after
Spectacled Spirits 12 (PT)/13 (ET) Dec 2018 16 (PT)/17 (ET) Dec 2018 Spirits having glasses.
Fire Emblem Fest - Part 1 20 (PT)/21 (ET) Dec 2018 23 (PT)/24 (ET) Dec 2018 Spirits from Fire Emblem universe.
Oh Yeah! Mario Time! 27 (PT)/28 (ET) Dec 2018 1 (PT)/2 (ET) Jan 2019 Spirits from Mario universe.
Classics (US)/Now You're Playing with Spirit Power (EU/JP) 3 (PT)/4 (ET) Jan 2019 6 (PT)/7 (ET) Jan 2019 Spirits related to games from NES/Famicom.
Double EXP & SP 10 (PT)/11 (ET) Jan 2019 13 (PT)/14 (ET) Jan 2019 N/A (EXP & SP earned during the event would be doubled.)
Fire Emblem Fest - Part 2 17 (PT)/18 (ET) Jan 2019 20 (PT)/21 (ET) Jan 2019 Spirits from Fire Emblem universe.


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