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My Music

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The My Music interface for Moray Towers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Not to be confused with the alternate music available in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

My Music (オレ曲セレクト, My Music Select) is an option in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that allows the player to choose any music track for any stage and adjust the likeliness that track will randomly play on that stage when battled on. This concept is similar to holding L and R in Melee in certain stages, except that this mode can be done at any time, and there are more than two tracks for each stage (excluding Hanenbow in Brawl, which makes its own music with an ambient track as its backdrop; and Flat Zone X in Ultimate, which has only two tracks; additionally, Midgar also had only two tracks before more Final Fantasy music was added in version 10.0.0 of Ultimate). Several tracks can be unlocked for each stage, either through collecting CDs or meeting certain pre-set conditions.

Contrary to its appearance, setting a track's slider to its far left does not render the chances of that particular track playing to none; rather, it makes the chances of that particular track playing exceedingly small.

In Ultimate, My Music does not restrict songs to stages so long as they are from the same series. For example, all Zelda stages share the same track list which can then be adjusted to the player's preference. Ultimate also allows the ability to choose which song will play for a particular match. Also, as of version 8.1.0, all Super Smash Bros. stages now have the ability to play any track from any universe.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese オレ曲セレクト
UK English My Music
France French Ma musique
Germany German Mein Mix
Spain Spanish Mi música
Italy Italian Musica
China Chinese (Simplified) 自选乐曲
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 自選樂曲
South Korea Korean 나만의 곡 선택
Netherlands Dutch Mijn muziek
Russia Russian Моя музыка


  • The Japanese name for My Music uses "ore", a masculine and informal pronoun used primarily by older men.
  • Some stages in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U have sliders in My Music featuring certain peculiarities:
    • Miiverse does not have a song set at 100% by default. Also, "Mii Plaza" "Mario Paint Medley" and "Tomodachi Life" are tied in likeliness by default at 80%.
    • Flat Zone X has two songs set at 100% by default, "Flat Zone 2" and "Flat Zone".
    • Suzaku Castle's first song in My Music, "Ryu Stage", is not set to be the most likely by default at 50%.
    • Boxing Ring has the song "Tomorrow's Passion" set at 0% by default.
    • When Corrin is purchased, both versions of "Lost in Thoughts All Alone" will be added to Coliseum and Castle Siege at 0%. Despite this, choosing to reset the probabilities to default will grant them preset probabilities, with the remix at either 45% at Coliseum or 70% at Castle Siege and the original at 10%. These are the only songs with this peculiarity.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the default My Music settings generally prioritize two specific music pieces, then list the remaining music in the order listed in Sounds. There are, however, exceptions:
    • Mushroom Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom II, and Mushroomy Kingdom prioritize music from all Mario games released on the NES: the four main series games, Mario Bros., and Dr. Mario. Gritzy Desert is also included in the music prioritized on Mushroomy Kingdom and has a slight increase in priority over most of the NES music.
    • Luigi's Mansion prioritizes music from the titular game and its sequel.
    • Mario Bros. prioritizes music from Dr. Mario.
    • Paper Mario prioritizes music from the Mario RPGs (with the odd exception of Gritzy Desert, likely due to its prioritization on Mushroomy Kingdom).
    • Mario Galaxy prioritizes music from Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel.
    • Super Mario Maker prioritizes the direct ports of themes from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.
    • Pirate Ship and Spirit Train prioritize music from Zelda games with the "Toon Link" artstyle: The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, Spirit Tracks, and Tri Force Heroes.
    • Cloud Sea of Alrest prioritizes music from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
    • As of update 11.0.0, Gaur Plain prioritizes music from Xenoblade Chronicles, while music from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has lower priority.
    • Stages available as DLC use the same priority system, but also assign individual probability values to each song in addition to the two "main" songs.
    • When it was released alongside update 5.0.0, MEGALOVANIA's default rate was originally set to 0 in all stages of the "Other" category. Version 7.0.0, however, raised its default settings on all available stages except Hanenbow, an aspect shared with Floral Fury and Burning Town.
  • Despite the intention to increase the number of possible tracks, the new My Music feature in Ultimate also removes several songs from preexisting My Music libraries. For example, the Mario tracks can no longer be played on stages such as Yoshi's Island (Melee), 75m, PictoChat 2 and Flat Zone X, while the tracks in the "Other" category can no longer be played on stages such as Mario Galaxy, Lylat Cruise and Boxing Ring.
  • As of update 8.1.0, Smash-original stages are able to play any music track in Ultimate, but the only songs whose probabilities can be directly altered are those from the Super Smash Bros. series. If no particular song is selected, the stage has a random chance of playing any song from the game; this probability is averaged from the My Music settings for every individual stage. Hence, for example, a song can be prevented from playing with the random option if its probability on all other stages is set to zero. As of update 10.1.0, the selection can be swapped between the default My Music playlist and all songs in the game, and the same rules still apply for the latter option.
  • Ultimate is the first game in the series where changing the menu music isn't available at the start, as it is unlocked after clearing the World of Light for the first time.