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Coin Launcher

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This article is about the Brawl minigame. For other uses of "coin", see Coin (disambiguation).
The Coin Launcher as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The Coin Launcher (コインシューター, Coin Shooter) is a trophy-snagging minigame in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It acts as a replacement for the Lottery feature of Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it itself was replaced by Trophy Rush in Super Smash Bros. 4.


The Coin Launcher, as the name implies, is a machine that uses coins as projectiles. Using the Launcher, coins are shot at trophies to obtain them, with each trophy requiring 2—4 coins to be captured. Players must press the fire button each time they wish to shoot a coin, though the button can be held briefly and released to launch a coin at a higher speed.

While attempting to shoot at trophies or waiting for more trophies to appear, enemies can also appear in the mode. Enemies appear in waves, and require one coin to destroy. Destroying entire waves of enemies increases the spawn rates of rare trophies, grants a small amount of extra coins from 10 to 50, and can provide the player some stickers. Destroying individual enemies also fills a gauge in the mode, which is displayed below the player's coin supply. Upon filling all ten squares, the Launcher will gain a temporary boost to firing speed, and, depending on timing, two or three trophies may automatically appear. The gauge empties after some time, though successive increases in the gauge gradually increase the rate at which uncollected trophies appear.

Missiles, which require 2 coins to destroy, can also appear at random in the mode, either by themselves, as part of enemy waves, or as massive swarms that attempt to overwhelm the player. The swarms appear at complete random but only require one coin each to destroy. Destroying missiles can grant bonuses, such as more coins or increasing the chance of finding a rare trophy; getting hit by one, however, depletes the gauge and deducts 20 coins.

The counters for trophies and stickers do not display numbers over 99, but it is possible to earn more than 99 trophies or stickers at one time.

As an extra bonus, rotating the C-Stick on the GameCube controller or the right stick on the Classic Controller will move the camera, much like on the main menu.


There are six types of enemies that may appear.

Image Description
TrophyEn3.png Rotating triangle-shaped enemies that move in wave-like patterns, typically appearing in groups of six.
TrophyEn2.png Oval-shaped enemies that also travel in wave-like patterns in groups of six. Sometimes they travel in three pairs.
TrophyEn4.png Triangle-shaped enemies that appear in groups of five. They either move from one side of the board to the other in an arrowhead formation, or they move in an arch-like shape from the back.
TrophyEn1.png Small spheres with a "wing" sticking out of each side. They only appear in groups of three, rolling in from the back of the board and then rolling back out. If all three are destroyed quickly enough, the player gets either a sticker or a coin bonus.
TrophyBall.png Black spheres with a purple interior. They slowly inch across the board and cannot be destroyed, simply blocking any coins that hit them. They appear in groups of three, but usually only one is on the board at once.
TrophyRocket.png Missiles that travel towards the launcher at various speeds. If it hits, a random number of coins is lost, and the gauge is slightly reduced.

Pits may also appear at intervals, usually in conjunction with the invincible sphere enemies. Coins will be wasted if they fall into a pit, but charging a coin can potentially allow it to "jump" across the corners of these pits.

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