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Trophy Rush being played by Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. Note that this is a beta screenshot due to the maximum time in the release version being 2:30.
Trophy Rush being played by Mr. Game & Watch in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Trophy Rush (フィギュアラッシュ, Figure Rush) is a minigame in Super Smash Bros. 4. Its primary use is to attain trophies, though it can dispense coins and Custom Parts as well.

In Trophy Rush, the player selects any character they wish, then selects how long they wish to play the game. The minimum length of time is 30 seconds, though it can be increased by one second for every six Coins the player adds to the cost, with the maximum possible play time being 150 seconds.

In the actual game, the player is tasked with destroying as many crates that fall onto the small platform they are standing on as possible; a line high above the platform indicates how high the crates are allowed to pile up, and if this line is breached for five seconds (with a breach being a continuous stack of crates that touches the platform and the line), then the platform disappears, forcing the player to be KO'd, as the platform doesn't reappear until the player falls (the timer resets after a short delay). In addition to this danger, bombs with a five-second fuse can fall onto the stage, certain boxes will shoot fire from one side if not destroyed within 3.5 seconds, and if the player stays in one place for too long a warning will appear followed by a ball of lightning dropping from the sky. Getting KO'd for any reason causes a deduction of fifteen seconds of play time, ten or five seconds on subsequent KO's. The game ends when "TIME!" is called by the announcer.

While destroying boxes, the player is able to build up a "chain", which is broken if they fail to destroy any boxes in a small period of time; the higher the chain, the more points are awarded for each box destroyed. Scoring points fills up a meter in the top left of the screen; when the meter is full it triggers a Fever Rush, where specialized blocks holding coins, trophies, and occasionally custom parts constantly fall onto the stage for seven seconds.

In the Wii U version only, Trophy Rush allows character customization and can be played co-operatively with two players. When playing co-op, more rewards can be obtained, but more tough blocks and balls of electricity will appear and the window of time to continue a chain is shorter.

The Trophy Rush stage is somewhat different between the two versions of SSB4, but each version uses a background similar to the respective version's Battlefield. The main platform of the Wii U stage resembles that of Battlefield as well.

Score Values[edit]

Each type of block has a score value associated with it.

The Chain Bonus is equal to the current chain multiplied by 10, to a maximum of 1500 points. Therefore, any chain of 150 or greater will award the maximum 1500 point bonus.

A block hit by an attack from the fighter will reward the value of the block, plus the Chain Bonus. The Chain Bonus is increased from hitting the block, then rewarded. No Chain Bonus is applied unless the Chain is 2 or greater.

A block hit by an electrical ball or directional explosive will reward half of the value of the block, with no Chain Bonus.

Block Type Value
Wooden 200
Brick 600
Directional Explosive 800
Golden 3000
Prize (Gold/Trophy/Custom Part) 10



Wii U[edit]

  • Getting a fever rush 8 times as Dr. Mario grants 100,000G.
  • Destroying 50,000 blocks grants the Moon Launcher Protection Badge equipment.
  • Getting a chain of 100 or more as Samus without taking damage grants the KO Healer Arm Cannon equipment.
  • Getting a chain of 300 or more grants the CommanderVideo trophy.
  • Getting a fever rush 6 times as Fox grants the Krystal trophy.
  • Getting a chain of 200 or more as Donkey Kong grants the DK Rap music.
  • Destroying 250 blocks grants a Crazy Orders pass.
  • Getting a fever rush 4 times as Robin grants the Conquest (Ablaze) music.
  • Destroying 200 blocks as Pikachu adds the possibility of Xerneas appearing from a Poké Ball.
  • Getting a chain of 150 or more as Falco unlocks the Accele-Reflector custom move for him.
  • Destroying 100 blocks as Mr. Game & Watch unlocks the Flat Zone X stage.
  • Getting a chain of 100 or more grants the Chomp Hat equipment.
  • Getting a chain of 50 or more as Wii Fit Trainer grants the Wii Fit U Trainer trophy.


  • In the first screenshot showing off the mode posted by Sakurai, the time remaining is 3:21:00; in the final game, the maximum time allowed is 2:30:00.
  • In Classic mode, the custom parts are labeled in red, while trophies are labeled green, but in Trophy Rush it's the exact opposite.
  • Item trophies are only obtainable through Trophy Rush.
  • Despite being a solo mode with Global Smash Power, Star KOs and Screen KOs are also possible in this mode.
  • Only the first fever triggered during a Trophy Rush is guaranteed to drop a custom part.
  • Due to her extreme mobility and Bullet Arts, Bayonetta can destroy blocks with extreme efficiency, and by extension, is great at collecting items.

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