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Tourney (SSBB)

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Tourney in SSBB

Tourney (トーナメント Tournament) is a multiplayer feature in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Unlike its Melee predecessor, it now only covers single-elimination brackets - the Winner Out and Loser Out features included in Melee are now part of another mode, Rotation.


In this mode, players compete in a single-elimination bracket, with the following options:

  • The number of competitors in a tournament, up to 32 (or 27 in three player tournaments)
  • The number of computer and human players in a tournament
  • How many players fight in each tournament match
  • How stages are selected
  • The CPU level of computer players (Levels 1-9 as well as a random option)
  • Handicaps for individual players and computers
  • Set a player to "Drop out" computers that will automatically drop out when their match comes, effectively allowing byes if numbers are uneven
  • Switching the initial form of a character who has multiple forms by pressing Minus on a Wii Remote, C on a Wii Remote + Nunchuk, or tilting the right Control Stick on a Classic Controller or the C-Stick on a GameCube Controller

In competitive play[edit]

Despite being specifically designed for tournaments, this mode is almost never used for large scale tournaments. The drop from 64 players to 32 players makes this method even more inefficient and time-consuming with the problem of every player needing to use the same system persisting. Other problems remain like brackets being restricted to single match sets, single-elimination and random seeding, as well as the inability to change characters between games is also inconducive to competitive preferences. Other options have been used over the years like TioPro, Challonge,, or even writing the bracket down by hand.

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