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Selecting players for a Rotation.

Rotation is a Versus mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that assists players in rotating players into and out of group brawls if there are more than four players.

In Rotation, players are first asked how many people will be taking part in each brawl. Then, they are asked how many people they want to swap out after each game, as well as whether to swap out the winners or the losers of the match, which can be changed at any time after the Rotation begins. The rules of the brawl are then set up, and then, players can register using names to identify one another.

During the Rotation, active players confirm their placement in the brawl, starting with the first player, though they also have the option of giving up their spot to the next person in the queue. After confirming their placement, the match starts, and after the match concludes, the players, as determined by the initial Rotation setup, swap places where required.

Up to 16 players can be included in a Rotation. It requires at least 3 players.

A mode similar to Rotation existed in Super Smash Bros. Melee, as part of the Tournament Mode. Players could set up Winner Out and Loser Out tournaments, though this interface was less streamlined and in-depth as Brawl's system.