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Tourney (SSBU)

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Creating a tournament.

Tourney (トーナメント, Tournament) is a multiplayer mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As with Brawl, up to 32 players are allowed, as opposed to the 64 max players of Melee and for Wii U.

This mode supports the use of amiibo, with up to 32 Figure Players allowed to be used at once. Multiple players can use the same characters with the same palette swaps if they like, making it the only offline mode where players can do so. The seeding can be reshuffled at the start of the tournament in order to make sure certain opponents do not face each other too early on. CPU and FP only fights can be skipped, but Figure Players do not earn experience.

As with Squad Strike, rulesets can be configured separately from the main Smash mode.

As part of the Version 4.0.0 Update, an Online Tourney mode was added, making this iteration of Tournament Mode to be the first in the series to be offered both offline and online.

In competitive play[edit]

Despite being specifically designed for tournaments, this mode is almost never used for large scale tournaments. Notable improvements like the ability to manually seed brackets, multiple players being able to use the same character with the same costume, and the ability to use this mode online and offline makes this version of Tourney mode the best in the series. However, issues like the 32 player limit, all players needing to use the same system offline, brackets being restricted to single match sets, single-elimination, as well as the inability to change characters between games still persist. Other options have been used over the years like or writing the bracket down by hand.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese トーナメント, Tournament
UK English Tourney
France French Tournoi
Germany German Turnier
Spain Spanish Torneo
Italy Italian Torneo
China Chinese (Simplified) 淘汰赛
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 淘汰賽
South Korea Korean 터너먼트Tournament
Netherlands Dutch Toernooi
Russia Russian Турнир


  • The announcer's voice clips where he shouts "Round 1", "Round 2" and "Round 3" are previously unused voice clips found in both versions of Smash 4's data. This is also the case in voice clips used for the Mii Fighters.
  • The announcer's voice clip where he shouts "The champion is..." seems to have an error at the beginning, as it starts with a slight pause. This is more noticeable when played in Sound Test. This was not the case in SSB4.
  • When playing in an online tournament, there's an unknown glitch which causes some characters who are currently using an alternate costume to use their default costumes in-battle.

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