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Creating a tournament.

Tourney (トーナメント, Tournament) is a multiplayer mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As with Brawl, up to 32 players are allowed, as opposed to the 64 max players of Melee. The default time for matches is 2:30, and the default amount of stocks is 2 stocks. After there are only 4 players left, the remaining matches are semifinals and finals.

This mode supports the use of amiibo, with up to 32 Figure Players allowed to be used at once. Two players can use the same characters, by using pallet swaps. The seeding can be reshuffled at the start of the tournament in order to make sure certain opponents do not face each other too early on. CPU and FP only fights can be skipped, but Figure Players do not earn experience.

As with Squad Strike, rulesets can be configured separately from the main Smash mode.

As part of the Version 4.0.0 Update, an Online Tourney mode was added, making this iteration of Tournament Mode to be the first in the series to be offered both offline and online.


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