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Official Tourney Qualifiers

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Official Tourney Qualifiers as seen on the main Online menu.

Official Tourney Qualifiers is an Online Mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, originally being an Japanese exclusive mode. The mode functions as a qualifier event for online tournaments, players will play a certain ruleset, climb up the leaderboards, the top 10 players will advance to the finals, and finally the names of the top 100 players will be displayed on the official website.

List of Tourneys[edit]

Image Name Time (UTC) Date Countries
Start End
Image source: 1st Online Challenge 10am 12pm February 1st, 2020 Japan
Image source: 2nd Online Challenge 10am 12pm March 15th, 2020 Japan
Image source: 3rd Online Challenge 10am 12pm August 16th, 2020 Japan
Adding the image of the upcoming tournament for Official Tourney Qualifiers
Image Source: NintendoVS Challenge Cup September 2020 10pm 1am September 26th, 2020 USACanadaMexico
Image source: European Online Challenge - Throwback Throwdown 4pm 6pm October 23th, 2020 Europe
Image source: 4th Online Challenge 10am 12pm October 24th, 2020 Japan
Image for Official Tourney Qualifiers AU/NZ Online Challenge - Throwback Throwdown 4am 6am October 25th, 2020 AustraliaNew Zealand
Image source: 5th Online Challenge 10am 12pm December 5th, 2020 Japan
Image source: European Online Challenge - Super Star Showdown 4pm 6pm December 11th, 2020 Europe
Image for Official Tourney Qualifiers NintendoVS Challenge Cup December 2020 11pm 2am December 12th, 2020 USACanadaMexico
Image source: AU/NZ Online Challenge - Super Star Showdown 4am 6am December 12th, 2020 AustraliaNew Zealand


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