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The Spirits Dismiss menu.

Dismiss is an option within the Collection tab of the Spirits mode, which allows players to dismiss spirits from their inventory. There will be a list of all the spirits that the player currently has and can be sorted into various categories, such as date obtained or the type of spirit. Once the player has selected all the spirits they want to dismiss and dismissed them, they will be given Spirit Points (SP) and the cores left behind. These cores can be used to Summon or Level Up other spirits or be sold for more SP.


The amount of SP earned by dismissing a spirit comes down to a few factors: level, class, and slots (for support spirits). The table below lists the amount of SP earned based on a spirit's class and the number of slots. For primary spirits only the first row is used and it determines the base SP. The spirit's level increases the amount earned from the base amount up to 5 times more; the following can be used to approximate the amount earned: Base × (1 + ((Level - 1)/98) × 4).

1 slot &
100 200 400 800
2 slots 100 250 500 1000
3 slots ? ? 600 1200



  • If the limit of a spirit's core is reached, there won't be a pop-up telling the player to sell off extras unlike other items.