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Sephiroth Challenge

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The title screen for the Sephiroth Challenge

The Sephiroth Challenge was a mode introduced in version 10.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, allowing players to unlock the contents of Challenger Pack 8 (sans spirits) when purchased prior to its official release date. It was announced in Mr. Sakurai Presents "Sephiroth", running from December 17th, 2020 until December 22nd, 2020, and would become unavailable in later updates. The mode uniquely features menus and sound effects based on Final Fantasy VII.

After selecting a difficulty of Easy, Normal, or Very Hard, Sephiroth must be defeated by any other fighter in a one-on-one Stamina Mode match in Northern Cave with items and Final Smash Meter turned off. The player has 150 HP, while Sephiroth has 100, 150, and 200 HP in Easy, Normal, and Very Hard respectively. The stage is in its normal form in Easy and Normal, and in its Ω form in Very Hard. Sephiroth's dealt and received damage are respectively ×0.965 and ~×1.32 on Easy, ×1.325 and ~×1.08 on Normal, and ×1.45 and ~×0.84 on Very Hard.

The player is rewarded upon completing the mode in any difficulty and the challenge can be freely retried. After each victory, a screen showing the difficulty chosen and time elapsed in the match is presented. The player is able to push the Y button to "Share" an automatically taken screenshot of the screen and promptly share it on social media platforms.

The mode's character selection screen plays Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII. During the match, One-Winged Angel plays on Easy and Normal, while Advent: One-Winged Angel plays on Very Hard.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese セフィロスチャレンジ, Sephiroth Challenge
UK English Sephiroth Challenge
France French Le défi de Séphiroth Sephiroth's challenge
Germany German Sephiroth-Herausforderung Sephiroth Challenge
Spain Spanish (PAL) El desafío de Sefirot Sefirot's challenge
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) El desafío de Sephiroth Sephiroth's challenge
Italy Italian La sfida di Sephiroth Sephiroth's challenge
China Chinese (Simplified) 挑战萨菲罗斯, Challenge Sephiroth
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 挑戰賽菲羅斯, Challenge Sephiroth
South Korea Korean 세피로스 챌린지, Sephiroth Challenge
Netherlands Dutch Krachtmeting met Sephiroth Showdown with Sephiroth
Russia Russian Вызов Сефироту Sephiroth Challenge


  • Initially, Sakurai planned to have the mode playable once; those who failed would lose the ability to unlock Challenger Pack 8 early. This idea was eventually scrapped.
    • Sakurai stated developing the mode was difficult but a fun challenge.[1]
  • Sephiroth's pose on the Sephiroth Challenge screen slightly resembles his appearance in key artwork of Final Fantasy VII Remake.[2]
  • Sephiroth Challenge and Challenger's Approach are the only modes in Ultimate that can become permanently unavailable.
  • Unlike other single-player modes, such as Classic Mode or World of Light, moves for the player and Sephiroth can stale.
  • Following the mode's release, speedruns of it became a minor trend within the community, with the fastest known record with video proof being 1.50 seconds by djf2564 on Very Hard difficulty. There have been screenshots on Twitter showing faster times than this, but with modding making it possible to get records lower than what's actually feasible, including going as low as 0.00 seconds, and the fact that software like Photoshop can edit the end screen to show a lower time than what was actually achieved, screenshot-only evidence is often seen as untrustworthy.