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Team Setup

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The top menu of the Team Setup option.

Team Setup is an option found within the Collection menu of the Spirits mode. It allows players the option to create a team of spirits for use in Versus Mode, the Spirit Board, or World of Light. Creating a new team allows players to name their team, select a primary spirit, and selecting support spirits if applicable. Existing teams can be sorted into various categories, edited, or deleted. Finally, with the Smash World app, players can upload their spirit-collection info to the app or download spirit teams they created through the app using the Sync with Smash World option.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese セット作り
UK English Team Setup
France French Équipes
Germany German Geister-Teams
Spain Spanish Sets
Italy Italian Squadre
China Chinese (Simplified) 创建组合
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 創建組合
South Korea Korean 세트 만들기
Netherlands Dutch Sets
Russia Russian Отряды