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Dashboard is a feature in the main menu introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It allows quick and easy access to key modes of the game.


The Dashboard is always visible when the player is on a menu, but goes away when inside a game mode. To access the Dashboard, simply press the ZR button or tilt the control stick to the right several times. While it is visible, it has five options in descending order:

  • Back to Top Menu: Returns to the main menu.
  • Collection: Goes directly to the spirit collection page.
  • Local Wireless: Enters the menu to setup a local wireless game.
  • News: Enters a browser that contains all news articles.
  • Options: Enters the menu that contains all submenus that tweak game settings.
  • Help: Enters the menu that contains information about the game and its systems.

If the game is currently in one of these menus, it will be grayed out on the dashboard and not be selectable. The dashboard is primarily used in case the player wants to use a specific feature of the game or gets lost in a menu. Quickly pulling up a list of desirable features as well as a way to quickly return to the main menu will save a great amount of time and effort on the part of the player.