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The top menu of the Mode Guide sub menu.

Mode Guide is a sub menu of the main Help menu in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As the name suggests, it is a guide that provides information of the various modes in the game. There will be a list of items on the left, while the information with a video or image will be displayed on the right. This guide specifically shows all the pop-up information shown when a mode is selected for the first time. The mode also includes an FAQ section and the ability to search for guides based on keywords.

List of frequently asked questions[edit]

Want to know what types of moves ther are?

  • Press the ButtonIcon-Switch-Plus.png Pause Menu during Smash to view the Move List. Also, you can check from the Dashboard's Help → Move List.

Practicing Moves

Learn about Stages and Items

  • View VaultTips. Here you can find useful tips and tricks!

I keep falling off and losing. What should I do?

  • Some characters, like Kirby, have more jumps than others and are good picks if falling is a problem. Use their jumps to return to the stage if you fall off or are launched a long way. Don't forget that most characters have an up special move that helps, too!

I get picked on by the other fighters and bombarded with attacks.

  • Dodge or use your shield until you see a chance counterattack. Try and keep your distance from other players until then, too. Picking on a single player is pretty unsportsmanlike, and can be reported in online play.

What is Battlefield form?

  • The stage will have three flat platforms and hazards, such as the stage breaking, will be disabled.

What is Ω form?

  • in Ω form, the stage will become flat and hazards, such as the stage breaking, will be disabled.

How to set Battlefield Form / Ω Form

  • Change with ButtonIcon-Switch-X.png(Up directional button) while selecting a stage.

Choose the Stage's Song

  • Press ButtonIcon-Switch-Y.png(Left directional button) during stage selection to pick a song for the battle.

Randomize the Music Selection

  • Select Randomize Music from this menu if you'd rather have a song for that stage be selected automatically.
    • Note: Go to the Dashboard's Options → SoundMy Music to select how often a song may be selected automatically.

How to Change Button Configurations

  • Go to the Dashboard's Options → Controls to adjust your settings.

Stage Morph is not available in Advanced in Smash.

  • If the rules have been set to First to 2 Wins or more, the Stage Morph category will not be available. Also if you have Number of Stages set to 2 or more for Elimination of Best of - in Squad Strike, it will not be available.

Changing a Fighter's Strength

  • Change a fighters' strength by going to the Dashboard's Option → Smash → Custom Balance.
    • Note that these balances are available in Smash and in Training, but it won't be available when playing online or with local wireless.

I'm having trouble making progress in Adventure

  • Try making a spirit team in the Party menu to aid you in battle. Spirits have one of the following traits: attack, shield, grab and neutral. Shield beats attack, attack beats grab and grab beats shield.

A spirit's power level is also an important factor, so keep an eye on the enemy's power and type and set the best team you can! When you're putting your team together, you can use ButtonIcon-Switch-L.png to try levelling them up if they aren't powerful enough. You can also use ButtonIcon-Switch-Y.png(Left directional button) to add recommended spirits if you aren't sure what sort of team will have an advantage.

What are SP?

  • SP stands for Spirit Points. As you play Spirits, you will earn more SP!

How to Use SP

  • You can use SP in the stores in Spirits → Adventure to get various things, like spirits!

You can also use it to Level Up or Summon in Spirits → Collection.

How to Get Tickets

  • You will sometimes get tickets after clearing Classic Mode. you can also get them from Vault → Shop.

What are Tickets for?

  • If you use them when you start Classic Mode, you can get more rewards when you clear the mode!

If you're defeated in Classic Mode, you can use tickets to continue playing without having to lower the Intensity or use gold.

Some fallen terrain doesn't role in Stage Builder. What gives?

  • Terrain with springs and ladders attached to it will not rotate.

What is Global Smash Power?

  • Global Smash Power displays your score or strength compared to players worldwide who have played the same mode. For example, if your are above 300,311 people, your Global Smash Power will 300,312. The larger the number, the stronger the player!

What is Background Matchmaking?

  • Selecting this will allow you to play other modes while you wait for an online battle. You can djust the settings by going to Online → Smash → Background Matchmaking.

Some modes, such as the Spirits mode, will pause the search for an online battle. The search will resume once you've left the mode that paused it, though!

    • Note: If you start a different online mode or Local Wireless, Background Matchmaking will be canceled.

Why isn't Online working for me?

  • If your internet connection is currently unstable, you may be unable to join onine battles. Also, performing the following actions may result in a short term suspension of your ability to take part in online battle.
    • Inactivity during battles
    • disconnecting during battles
    • Continuously self-destructing
    • Ganging up on a single player
    • Inappropriate nicknames

How to Collect Gold

  • if you play Smash or Games & More, you will earn gold!

How to Use Gold

  • You can use gold in Vault → Shop in order to get Mii Outfits or music for Sound. You can also use gold to continue in Classic Mode.

Can't do Local Wireless?

  • If you're unable to find a player's room, or if the connection is lost, try moving closer together, or try again from a different location.