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The Shop, upon entering it for the first time.
This article is about the Vault's shop. For the World of Light shops, see Shopping.

The Shop is a feature in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is functionally similar to the Trophy Shop from Super Smash Bros. 4, though instead of trophies (as they are absent from the game), the player is able to buy a wide variety of in-game collectibles with the gold they've earned via numerous methods - including several items that cannot be unlocked in any other way, such as fighter spirits of alternate costumes.

The player can access the shop from the bottom-right corner of the Vault. At first not all the slots will be full and gold will need to be spent in the shop in order to unlock the slots. The first slot will be unlocked after spending 4,500 gold, the next after 13,500, and the final one after 27,000. The top-left three slots are able to be purchased multiple times and the other slots can only be purchased once, purchasing the latter will remove it from the shop and display "SOLD OUT". A random "SOLD OUT" slot will be refilled after a match or every 3 minutes if the player is in the shop menu; being in another menu or the Switch's home menu typically only updates the shop once. If there are no "SOLD OUT" slots then a random slot will be replaced, including the content of the top-left slots. If the player is not in the shop and stays out of it for more than 15 minutes, then most or all of the slots will be replaced.

On Sundays various merchandise will go on sale, giving discounts between 10-70% off (in increments of 10) with higher discounts being rarer.

Available Merchandise[edit]

Items in bold can go on sale on Sundays.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ショップ, Shop
UK English Shop
France French Magasin
Germany German Shop
Spain Spanish Tienda
Italy Italian Negozio
China Chinese 商店
South Korea Korean , Shop
Netherlands Dutch Winkel
Russia Russian Киоск


  • It costs 55,450 gold to purchase every Mii costume and headgear and costs 38,400 to purchase every piece of music.
  • Only one Legend-class spirit can be in the shop at a time. Every other spirit class doesn't have a limit.