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Support Items are items specific to the Spirit Board that are used to assist the player.


Support items come in three varieties: Refresh Board, Battle Item, and Spirit-Freeing Item. Refresh Board items are used on the Spirit Board to adjust what spirits appear, Battle Items are used before a Spirit Board battle to make the battle easier, and Spirit-Freeing Items are used during the post-match minigame where the player must shoot the fighter through their shield. All three types of these items can be bought from the World of Light shops with SP and the Vault's Shop with Gold, won from spirit battles and Classic Mode playthroughs, found by Spirits in Explore, and received from scanning amiibo.

Refresh Board[edit]

Refresh Board items are orange and resemble a piece of paper with the bottom-right corner being pulled up, similarly to how Spirit Board bounties resemble a piece of paper when posted. There are five items in this category:

  • Shuffle All (represented by two arrows going in a circle) will automatically replace every spirit on the board with a different one of any variety.
  • All Primaries (represented by a triangle with a smaller triangle inside of it) will automatically replace every spirit on the board with a Primary Spirit.
  • All Supports (represented by a hexagon with a smaller hexagon inside of it) will automatically replace every spirit on the board with a Support Spirit.
  • Filler (represented by a dotted outline with a square moving toward it) fills any currently empty space on the board.
  • Rematch (represented by a bell) brings back the last spirit bounty that left the board, allowing the player to fight them again.

Battle Item[edit]

Battle Items are green and resemble a toolbox. There are five items in this category:

  • Slow FS Charging (represented by a shockwave with an exclamation point in it) decreases how fast the enemy's Final Smash meter charges.
  • Health Drain (represented by a flower) causes all opponents to begin the match with a Flower on their head, which remains for a few seconds. Notably ineffective against higher power spirits, as the total damage dealt by the flower will be low.
  • Weaken Minions (represented by a monster head with sad eyes) makes opponents that are not the main fighter start with 30% damage and sustain more knockback.
  • Disable Items (represented by a hammer with an exclamation point on it) causes no items to spawn during the match. Items that appear through an item tidal wave will still appear and enemies that spawn holding items will still have them.
  • Damage 50% (represented by "50%" on the toolbox) causes the enemies in the battle to start with a total of 50% damage. If there are multiple opponents, the 50% damage is split among them, rounded down (e.g., if there are two fighters, each will have 25%, and if there are four, each will have 12%).

Spirit-Freeing Item[edit]

Spirit-Freeing Items are blue and have a circle backdrop. There are two items in this category:

  • Shield Spacer (represented by a circle with a dotted line portion) increases the size of the gap in the spirit's shield.
  • Sluggish Shield (represented by a partial circle with a clock in it) makes the spirit's shield rotate at a slower pace.