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This article is about the World of Light shops. For the Vault's shop, see Shop.
The shopping menu, previewing Timmy and Tommy's shop. 3 spirits and one item are available.
Inside Anna's Emporium. 2 items are on sale.

Shopping is a feature in Spirits mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is unlocked during the player's first Adventure Mode: World of Light campaign after collecting one of the five master spirits that manage a store. The player can visit each shop in the World of Light overworld, or instantly access all shops via the Collection menu.

Unlike regular stores in other Super Smash Bros. games, these shops only accept SP (Spirit Points) to purchase. Each shop sells a selection of spirits centered around a specific theme; several of these spirits are only attainable through the shop. Skill Spheres (sold in packs of five), Snacks, and Support Items are also available. Skill Spheres will only appear when stock is refreshed during World of Light gameplay, most likely to prevent players from grinding for them partway through a run.

A combination of four spirits and/or items are available per store at a time. Buying one will cause that space to be Sold Out momentarily. The space will be filled after a period of time with a different option. Regularly, the shops will offer up to 50% discounts on any item on display. When hovering over a shop in the shopping menu, a preview is displayed showing what type each of the 4 items available is. Items are indicated by a drawstring bag and a red tag, and spirits are indicated by the Spirits logo and a green tag.

Item Spirit Support Item Snack Skill Sphere
★ Novice ★★ Advanced ★★★ Ace ★★★★ Legend Orange Blue Green Small Medium Large
Regular Price 500 SP 1,000 SP 4,000 SP 10,000 SP 300 SP 500 SP 800 SP 30 SP 100 SP 500 SP 400 SP[1]
-10% Off 450 SP 900 SP 3,600 SP 9,000 SP 270 SP 450 SP 720 SP
-20% Off 400 SP 800 SP 3,200 SP 8,000 SP 240 SP 400 SP 640 SP
-30% Off 350 SP 700 SP 2,800 SP 7,000 SP 210 SP 350 SP 560 SP
-40% Off 300 SP 600 SP 2,400 SP 6,000 SP 180 SP 300 SP 480 SP
-50% Off 250 SP 500 SP 2,000 SP 5,000 SP 150 SP 250 SP 400 SP

Spirit list[edit]

Key Obtainable from Spirit Board Shop exclusive unless otherwise noted
SSBU spirit Sheldon.png
SSBU spirit Beedle.png
SSBU spirit Funky Kong.png
SSBU spirit Anna.png
Timmy and Tommy's Sheldon's Place Beedle's Tent Funky Kong's Shack Anna's Emporium
Beat MegaManSymbol.svg 1,000 Arwing StarFoxSymbol.svg 4,000 Big Urchin MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Badwagon MarioSymbol.svg 4,000 Aegislash PokemonSymbol.svg 1,000
Cardboard Box[2] MetalGearSymbol.svg 500 Blast-o-Matic Symbol of the DK series. 10,000 Ezlo ZeldaSymbol.svg 1,000 Beetle OtherSymbol.svg 500 Antasma MarioSymbol.svg 1,000
Chain Chomp MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Bob-omb MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Fairy Bottle ZeldaSymbol.svg 1,000 Bloom Coach MarioSymbol.svg 500 Din ZeldaSymbol.svg 1,000
Cucco ZeldaSymbol.svg 500 Dark Suit MetroidSymbol.svg 1,000 Flies & Hand MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 BlueShark OtherSymbol.svg 500 Goligan OtherSymbol.svg 1,000
Donkey Kong & Bongos Symbol of the DK series. 1,000 Drill Man MegaManSymbol.svg 500 Hanenbow OtherSymbol.svg 1,000 City Tripper MarioSymbol.svg 4,000 Helmet Game&WatchSymbol.svg 500
Eggplant IceClimberSymbol.svg 500 Gekko MetalGearSymbol.svg 1,000 Labrador Retriever OtherSymbol.svg 1,000 Gunship MetroidSymbol.svg 1,000 Henry Fleming OtherSymbol.svg 500
F.L.U.D.D. MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Genesect PokemonSymbol.svg 4,000 Li'l Judd SplatoonSymbol.svg 4,000 Halberd KirbySymbol.svg 10,000 Hinoka FireEmblemSymbol.svg 4,000
Fire Game&WatchSymbol.svg 4,000 Mech MetroidSymbol.svg 500 Magearna PokemonSymbol.svg 4,000 Helirin OtherSymbol.svg 500 Ivan OtherSymbol.svg 500
Fire Flower MarioSymbol.svg 500 Metal Gear ZEKE MetalGearSymbol.svg 500 Nipper Plant MarioSymbol.svg 500 King of Red Lions ZeldaSymbol.svg 1,000 Jenna OtherSymbol.svg 1,000
Goldeen PokemonSymbol.svg 500 Mokka OtherSymbol.svg 1,000 Pet WiiFitSymbol.svg 500 Kip Symbol of the DK series. 500 Jonathan Morris Symbol of the Castlevania series. 4,000
Huey MarioSymbol.svg 500 Napalm Man MegaManSymbol.svg 500 Pidgey PokemonSymbol.svg 500 Mach 8 MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Karate Kong Symbol of the DK series. 4,000
Majora's Mask ZeldaSymbol.svg 4,000 Parachute Game&WatchSymbol.svg 1,000 Pinsir PokemonSymbol.svg 1,000 Papercraft Mario MarioSymbol.svg 500 Minerva FireEmblemSymbol.svg 1,000
Manhole Game&WatchSymbol.svg 1,000 Phazon Suit MetroidSymbol.svg 4,000 Pitch KirbySymbol.svg 500 Plane MiiSymbol.svg 1,000 Ninian FireEmblemSymbol.svg 1,000
Mega Eggdozer YoshiSymbol.svg 1,000 Poppi α[3] XenobladeSymbol.svg 1,000 Shadow Bug Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. 1,000 Tank & Infantry[4] OtherSymbol.svg 1,000 Orville OtherSymbol.svg 1,000
Mini Mario MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Robobot Armor KirbySymbol.svg 1,000 Stork YoshiSymbol.svg 4,000 The Skull FZeroSymbol.svg 500 Pyra XenobladeSymbol.svg 10,000
Ness's Father EarthboundSymbol.svg 10,000 Roturret Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. 500 Tomatrio OtherSymbol.svg 500 Turbo Yoshi MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Reinhardt Schneider Symbol of the Castlevania series. 500
Qbby[5] OtherSymbol.svg 4,000 ST Falcon OtherSymbol.svg 500 Turtle Bridge Game&WatchSymbol.svg 500 Warp Star KirbySymbol.svg 1,000 Shield Knight OtherSymbol.svg 1,000
Shovel Knight[6] OtherSymbol.svg 4,000 Subspace Bomb Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. 1,000 White Pikmin PikminSymbol.svg 1,000 Wheelie KirbySymbol.svg 1,000 Takamaru OtherSymbol.svg 4,000
Stack-Up ROBSymbol.svg 1,000 Ultra Sword KirbySymbol.svg 4,000 Wind Fish ZeldaSymbol.svg 10,000 Wily Capsule MegaManSymbol.svg 4,000 Wonder-Blue OtherSymbol.svg 500
Super Mushroom MarioSymbol.svg 1,000 Walker StarFoxSymbol.svg 1,000 X Parasite MetroidSymbol.svg 500 Zoda FZeroSymbol.svg 1,000 Wrys FireEmblemSymbol.svg 500
Super Sea Snail SplatoonSymbol.svg 500


  1. ^ Price increases by 100 SP after each purchase
  2. ^ Obtained inside a Treasure Chest in World of Light
  3. ^ Obtainable by summoning or in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC Spirit Board
  4. ^ Temporarily available through Spirit Battle during an event
  5. ^ Obtainable when scanning the Qbby amiibo
  6. ^ Obtainable when scanning the Shovel Knight amiibo