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News as seen with the Dashboard open. The orange exclamation point indicates that the player has not opened the News menu since new content was added.

News is a menu item in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that is accessed from the Dashboard. When selected, the Nintendo Switch opens its web browser to a page that lists articles about newly added or upcoming content to the game provided by Nintendo, which can then be clicked on and read. The subjects covered by these articles include game updates, downloadable content, Spirit Board events, and Event Tourneys. When a new article has been added, a notice is given upon progressing past the title screen, along with a prompt to either read the article right away or continue to the main menu. Additionally, an orange exclamation point will appear next to the News icon on the Dashboard until the player opens the News from there. If there is currently an active Spirit Board event or Event Tourney, the article may also be accessed directly from their respective menus. Articles can also be read on Smash World.


In other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ニュース News
UK English News
France French Nouvelles News
Germany German Nachrichten News
Spain Spanish Noticias News
Italy Italian Notizie News
China Chinese 消息 News
South Korea Korean 뉴스 News
Netherlands Dutch Nieuws News
Russia Russian Новости News

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