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The top Inventory menu.

Inventory is an option in the Collection tab in the Spirits mode. When selected, there will be two options available to the player: Spirit List, and Items.

Spirit List[edit]

The Spirit List menu.

The Spirit List gives players a list of all the spirits that are in the game, similar to the Trophy Gallery of previous games except there are no descriptions or game of origin provided when selected. All the spirits are initially sorted in numerical order but it can be sorted into other categories. If the player has not seen a particular spirit but has seen/acquired spirits numbered after it, the square will be empty. If the player has seen a spirit but has not yet obtained it, then the square will have a blurred out image of that particular spirit.

Starting with the Version 8.0.0 update, players will have the option to rematch spirits that have Spirit Battles for a high score and SP.


The Items menu.

The Items menu gives a list of all the support items (Spirit Board items and snacks) and cores that the player currently has in their inventory and the number they have of each item/core. Players have the option to sell the items/cores they have for SP.