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The Activities menu.

Activities is an option found in the Collection tab of the Spirits menu, or within the start menu of the World of Light. The player will be given a list of activities that up to four Spirits can partake in to boost their levels, find items, or change their fighting style. These activities must be unlocked within the World of Light before they can be used within the main Spirits mode.

The activities are divided into 3 different categories:

  • Gym: Run by Doc Louis, increases Spirits' levels over time.
  • Explore: Offers three different expeditions: Ruins (supervised by Toadette), Caves (overseen by Captain Charlie) and Jungle (coordinated by Linebeck). Each one has a set time to finish (2, 6, and 10 hours respectively) and they all yield items, with each expedition having a greater yield of a kind of item: SP in the Ruins, Support Items in the Caves, and Snacks in the Jungle. This is the only activity in which Support Spirits can partake, the others being restricted to Primary Spirits.
  • Dojo: There are 15 different dojos, each offering different buffs to Spirits such as offense, speed or item effectiveness, but they also come with a series of debuffs in compensation. One of them, Slowpoke's Dojo, teaches the "Forgetful Style", which removes any training a Spirit has undertaken, resetting them to their base status.

When selecting Spirits for activities, arrows may appear over them indicating their condition: red arrows pointing up indicate that the activity will have a more effective result for those Spirits, while those with blue arrows pointing down yield worse results than average; this correlates to the time it takes for Spirits to be trained and the amount of rewards found in Exploration.