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A spirit being fed snacks in Ultimate.

A Snack (おやつ, Snack) is an item that appears Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Snacks are mainly used to level up spirits, giving them experience. However, this process also costs SP, meaning it must be done with a bit of caution. The player may hold a maximum of 999 of each type of snack.

Ways to collect Snacks[edit]

  • Buying them from the Shop
  • Winning a Spirit Battle
  • Sending a spirit to find them while exploring - mainly in the Jungle
  • Clearing Classic Mode

Snack Types[edit]

Snack (S)[edit]

A green snack, the smallest of the snacks. Gives 250 experience and costs 8 SP. These are also the most common.

Snack (M)[edit]

An orange snack, medium sized. Gives 1000 experience and costs 32 SP. While not as rare as a large snack, they aren't as common as a small either.

Snack (L)[edit]

A red snack, the largest of the snacks. Gives 5000 experience and costs 160 SP. However, these are the most rare.