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Mario's FS Meter, which is currently at max gauge.

Final Smash Meter (チャージ切りふだ, Charge Trump Card) is a feature in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, available as a toggle in the Rules selection, which was revealed during the Super Smash Bros. Direct on August 8, 2018. It allows players to have a chargeable meter and unleash a weaker Final Smash when the meter is filled. It is similar to Super Meters from traditional fighting games. Certain Spirit battles will have the opponent's Final Smash Meter grant a full strength final smash.

When the Final Smash Meter is turned on, a colorful bar is present below each player's damage meter. The bar fills as a player gives and receives damage, similarly to Little Mac's Power Meter mechanic. Taking damage will charge the meter much more than dealing the same amount of damage. Additionally, the meter will slowly fill up with time, taking 9 minutes and 16 seconds in total to fully charge without taking or dealing any damage. Recoil damage will not charge the meter at all, besides the slow charging from time passing.

Once a player fills their meter, they will enter Final Smash standby, and can unleash a less powerful version of their Final Smash compared to the regular version that is used with a Smash Ball. If a player breaks the Smash Ball, the meter will fill instantly and the player can use their Final Smash at full power. In either case, the meter will empty completely after the Final Smash is used. The meter will also deplete slightly if a player is KO'd while in standby.

This feature does not allow multiple players to use a Final Smash at once, even though multiple players can be in standby at the same time. While a Final Smash is in progress, other characters with full meters will appear to leave standby, and will use their regular neutral special move instead, re-entering standby once the first Final Smash concludes.


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