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European cover art for Smashing...Live!
Art for the insert from Nintendo Power magazine.

Smashing...Live! is the official soundtrack of Super Smash Bros. Melee. The soundtrack consists of fifteen arranged tracks, some of which are medleys containing more than one song in each; the total running time is 61:53.

The album, performed by the New Japan Philharmonic, is a recording of a live concert held on August 27, 2002 at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, making Smashing...Live! among the few soundtracks for video games that doesn't feature songs ripped directly from the game. At the end of every track (sans "Jungle Garden"), the audience applauds the ensemble; in the track "Rainbow Cruise", the audience also claps to the beat of the song once it "loops". A cough (possibly coming from a small child) is faintly audible near the beginning of "Fire Emblem".

Its initial Japanese release was in December 2002, as a gift to subscribers of the Famitsu Cube+Advance magazine. In January 2003, it was given as a gift to subscribers of Nintendo Power and Official Nintendo Magazine; these releases were the only ones of their kind in the American and PAL territories.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Planet Corneria" (from Corneria) - 2:05 [arranged by Hajime Hirasawa]
  2. "Jungle Garden" (from Jungle Japes) - 2:57 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  3. "Great Bay Shrine" (medley of Hyrule Temple and Great Bay; ends with Zelda series victory theme) - 4:15 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  4. "Dr. Mario" (Dr. Mario's theme) - 4:04 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  5. "Original Medley" (medley of All-Star Rest Area, Lottery, How to Play, Menu 1 and Ending) - 5:01 [arranged by Hirokazu Ando and Shogo Sakai]
  6. "Fountain of Dreams" (from Fountain of Dreams; erroneously called "Dream of Fountain" on Nintendo Power sleeve) - 3:35 [arranged by Tadashi Ikegami]
  7. "Pokémon Medley" (medley of Poké Floats, Pokémon Stadium, and its alternative music, Pokémon Battle) - 5:42 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  8. "Opening" (from the opening movie of Super Smash Bros. Melee) - 2:40 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  9. "Planet Venom" (from Venom; ends with the Star Fox team's victory theme) - 2:19 [arranged by Tadashi Ikegami]
  10. "Yoshi's Story" (from Yoshi's Story; ends with a small segment from main theme of Super Mario Bros. and a bit of Yoshi's victory theme) - 2:43 [arranged by Hirokazu Ando]
  11. "Depth of Brinstar" (medley of Brinstar Depths and Brinstar) - 3:41 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  12. "Smash Bros. Great Medley" (medley of Mushroom Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom II, Flat Zone, Balloon Fight, Big Blue, Mach Rider, Yoshi's Island, Saria's Song, Super Mario Bros. 3, Icicle Mountain, and Princess Peach's Castle) - 14:18 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  13. "Fire Emblem" (Marth and Roy's theme) - 3:52 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]
  14. "Green Greens" (from Green Greens) - 1:53 [arranged by Hirokazu Ando]
  15. "Rainbow Cruise" (from Rainbow Cruise) - 2:49 [arranged by Shogo Sakai]


  • The EarthBound series is the only franchise with a playable character to not have music featured in the performance.

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