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List of music by unlock criteria (SSBB)

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In Brawl, 125 music tracks are available from the start, while other 143 tracks become available by unlocking stages, or collecting CDs. Each CD has its own unlock criteria: some are unlocked through challenges, while others are found randomly in various game modes. This article documents the unlock criteria for each CD.

Unlocked with Stages[edit]

The following music is unlocked with Mario Bros.:

The following music is unlocked with Luigi's Mansion:

The following music is unlocked with 75m:

The following music is unlocked with Pirate Ship:

The following music is unlocked with Spear Pillar:

The following music is unlocked with Flat Zone 2:

The following music is unlocked with Jungle Japes:

The following music is unlocked with Green Greens:

The following music is unlocked with Pokémon Stadium:

The following music is unlocked with Big Blue:

The following music is unlocked with Green Hill Zone:


Track How to unlock
Clu Clu Land Hit 400m (1,200 ft.) in Home-Run Contest.
HIS WORLD (Instrumental) Brawl on the Green Hill Zone stage 10 times.
Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2) Brawl on the Frigate Orpheon stage 10 times.
Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) Unlock all Melee stages.
Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town / Pewter City) Clear the "Go! Triple Finish!" Event.
Excite Truck Clear Target Smash level 2 in under 19 seconds.
Pokémon Center Get 200 different stickers.
Credits (Super Smash Bros.) Clear Classic on Hard difficulty.
Icicle Mountain (Melee) Clear Classic on Normal difficulty.
Ike's Theme Have Ike join you in The Subspace Emissary.
Tal Tal Heights Clear All-Star on Easy difficulty.
Ending (Metroid) Brawl on the Norfair stage 10 times.
Great Temple / Temple Clear the "Advent of the Evil King" Event on Hard difficulty.
Power-Hungry Fool Brawl on the Castle Siege stage 10 times.
Menu 2 Unlock all playable characters.
King Dedede's Theme Clear "The Hammer of the King" Event.
Song of Storms Clear "The Pirate Airship" Event.
Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.) Brawl on the Mushroomy Kingdom stage 10 times.
Fire Field Clear the "Come On, Blue Falcon" Event.
Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) Clear "The Wolf Hunts the Fox" Event on Hard difficulty.
Hidden Mountain & Forest Clear the "Dark Link Duel" Event on Hard difficulty.
0² Battle Collect more than 5,000 coins in Coin matches.
Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee) Clear 100-Man Brawl in under 4 minutes.
Title (3D Hot Rally) Clear Target Smash level 5.
Dream Chaser Brawl on the Port Town Aero Dive stage 10 times.
The Legendary Air Ride Machine Clear the "Dragoon Strike" Event.
Snake Eater (Instrumental) Brawl on the Shadow Moses Island stage 15 times.
Mach Rider (Melee) Defeat 50 enemies in Endless Brawl.
Frozen Hillside Brawl on the Halberd stage 10 times.
Main Theme (Super Mario 64) Play 50 hours of brawls.
Ai no Uta (French Version) Hit 12,500m (37,500 ft.) combined with all fighters' Home-Run Contest records.


All other CDs appear randomly in various places in the game. It should also be noted that some of these can only drop once their respective stage has been unlocked. For a complete list, please refer to Music (SSBB). These CDs:

  • Appear as items during Vs. matches as long as at least one item is turned on.
  • Are dropped by Mew.
  • Can appear after destroying cubes in The Subspace Emissary.
  • Are unlocked after a game mode has been played.

List of CDs:

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