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Featured articles are considered to be the best articles on SmashWiki, as determined by our editors. Before being listed here, articles should be reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and style. A small, stylized Super Smash Bros. logo with a star on an article's page indicates that the article is featured, or has been featured in the past.

You can view all prior featured articles and their snippets on SmashWiki:Featured content/Full.

Rules and regulations[edit]

  • Featured articles will be chosen around a bimonthly basis, though there is no set timeline for when a new featured article will be implemented.
  • Like most other proposals on the wiki, featured articles will not be chosen based on vote count alone, admins can override the most popular suggested article if they deem it of unsatisfactory quality, or otherwise find another article to be more feature-worthy.
  • For the inherent eligibility for an article to be featured, keep the following in mind:
    • Any articles with a maintenance template on it is not eligible to be featured. If you want to feature an article tagged with such a template, fix the issues the article was tagged with the template for before trying to suggest it.
      • Note that this does not apply to articles with templates that indicate an issue with the page that likely cannot be fixed, such as a tournament tagged with {{LostResults}} or an image tagged with {{HighQualityUnavailable}}.
    • Articles in the Smasher, Tournament, and Team spaces are eligible for featuring, but they should cover especially notable subjects to be considered, and must have substantial content on them beyond just a table of results. Additionally, any Smasher article not fully updated to our current standards will be automatically rejected.
    • Articles about subjects that encompass insubstantial content should not be considered for featuring.
    • Articles that have been featured previously are eligible to be refeatured. Any article that was featured before FA54 can be considered automatically eligible for refeaturing, but going forward, any articles featured after that point should be only be considered for refeaturing if substantial new information has been added to it since its original featuring, or other feature candidates are just so lackluster that SmashWiki is better off refeaturing the same content.
  • Suggestions expire after no set time, but admins can reject them if they prove unpopular or otherwise gain little traction after a long enough time, assuming there's no glaring quality issue with the suggested article to reject it outright.
  • Each user is limited to having only one suggestion up at a time, and users may not withdraw their own suggestions. Additionally, once a user has made a suggestion, they may not make a new suggestion for two months regardless of if they have a suggestion currently up or not.
  • Suggested articles that were rejected are not automatically disqualified from being suggested again, but if the issues that resulted in it being rejected haven't been addressed, it will promptly get rejected again.
  • All suggestions will be archived when they pass or fail.

How to request that an article be featured[edit]

To propose an article be featured, please do the following:

  • Create a heading under "Proposed featured articles" that looks like this: ===Article Name===, where "Article Name" is the full name of the article you believe is worthy of being labeled as a featured article.
  • Briefly explain why this article merits featured article status.
  • Be sure to sign your proposition with ~~~~

Other users may then respond expressing either support or opposition to the suggestion. Users should judge an article for how feature-worthy it is based on the article's comprehensiveness of the subject at hand, how well-written the article is, how accurate the information within the article is, if the article is clean of errors, and every other thing that contributes to an article's quality (e.g. how effectively are images used in the article). Users should not base their judgment on things not related to the article's content, such as how interesting they personally find the article's subject or assume others would find it, if the article would be too "complicated" for the average reader, how "relevant" they think the article subject is, nor based on how frequent similarly themed articles have been featured in the past. "Votes" based on reasons that have little-to-nothing to do with the article's content will be ignored. The exception is with Smasher, Tournament, and Team articles, where the subject's notability will also be considered as mentioned previously.

Proposed featured articles[edit]


The title is intentionally vague because it encompasses more than just one article, but stay with me on this one.

Obviously, we could have a standard "featured article" that stays up as normal, but I think it would be really cool to feature an article for a character or series for a single day based on their date of origin. As examples, even though we just passed it, we could have the pages for Sonic the Hedgehog or the Sonic the Hedgehog universe on June 23rd; we could have the pages for Ryu, Ken, or the Street Fighter universe on August 30th; we could have the pages for Cloud Strife or Sephiroth on January 31st, but the Final Fantasy universe page on December 18th, since the series debuted on the latter date, but Final Fantasy VII released in Japan on the former date. We are an encyclopedic website covering information about all of these different video game series, so I think it would be really cool to honor them in some significant way. I should note that this would only be limited to playable characters, Assist Trophies, and stages, as to not make this absolutely insane, but I think it would be super neat for us to do something like that.

We could also have a "today's anniversary" template on the main page, but where's the fun in that? Aidan the Ace Gamer 13:55, June 26, 2023 (EDT)

How would characters/universes without specific anniversaries like Pac-Man, Bomberman and Virtua Fighter be handled? And in cases such as Mario and Donkey Kong, does that mean that we'll need to feature four articles? Pokémon alone would need a whopping eight articles featured, depending on how you count the Trainer's Pokémon. That will get overwhelming very quickly if they'll be featured as prominently as regular featured articles. For use as my signature icon. Nokii · 14:58, June 26, 2023 (EDT)
Note how I used the word "or" ("Sonic the Hedgehog or the Sonic the Hedgehog universe", "Ryu, Ken, or the Street Fighter universe", "Cloud Strife or Sephiroth")—it would only be one page as the featured article at a time, cycling through a predetermined pattern. For stuff like Pac-Man, Bomberman, and Virtua Fighter, I want to say that Sakurai has posted on Twitter for those anniversaries in the past, and we could use those dates as a basis—if not, we could use the first of the month that they debuted in (and if it came down to only knowing a year, then we could reach some agreement on how to handle that). I'd be more than happy to compile information surrounding my above suggestion to make sure everyone knew what was associated with which date. Aidan the Nonbinary Gamer 14:19, June 27, 2023 (EDT)

Kazuya (SSBU)[edit]

This article looks very well written for an Ultimate DLC character to me, especially considering the amount of technical data articles we at SmashWiki had to create for Kazuya's 38 moves. It must've taken a lot of willing contributors and/or massive effort to bring the article to its near-complete if not complete status we have today, including the articles detailing his command-input moves, special moves, Crouch Dash, technical data for each move (except for Heaven's Door and Final Blaster, which do not have technical articles yet), etc. Deserves featured article status to me. Jordan P., the Sora main SoraHeadSSBUWebsite.png 00:17, June 28, 2023 (EDT)

Right away I notice the bloated gallery and trivia sections, I'm not even going to bother reviewing the rest of the article as long as these two glaring problems have not been addressed yet, which are two things directly stated as needing cleaning up in our projects page. Omega Tyrant TyranitarMS.png 06:26, June 28, 2023 (EDT)
I know how these sections are usually laid out, because I've seen a lot of SSBU's character articles, if not all. It displays from left to right the newcomer splash art, the amiibo, the unlock notice, promotional screenshots, and screenshots from Sakurai's Pic of the Day series on Twitter. Additionally, like other articles, the trivia section states miscellaneous facts. What could we clean up to me? For me, that's inconsistent. Jordan P., the Sora main SoraHeadSSBUWebsite.png 00:18, June 30, 2023 (EDT)
Read the projects page, and a bunch of other character articles being like that does not make it ok, the fact so many of them have bloated trivia and gallery sections is why it's a wiki project. Omega Tyrant TyranitarMS.png 06:29, June 30, 2023 (EDT)

King K. Rool (SSBU)[edit]

A very well written page with numerous images, as well as a great summary on his weaknesses and strengths. All of K. Rool's moves have technical data and their own weaknesses and strengths. I believe the only issue with this page is the missing announcer calls, which is a very small things. I think this article should be featured for these reasons, this page is the greatest of them all. EpicMagicBoi6 (talk) 21:47, July 2, 2023 (EDT)

This article has bloated trivia that needs to be fixed, and the gallery isn't as bad as some others I seen but there are clearly a few images that are only there because "this image has K. Rool in it" rather than serving a distinct informative purpose. Like I said with Kazuya, these need to be addressed before reviewing the page farther to consider if it's feature-worthy. Omega Tyrant TyranitarMS.png 12:10, July 3, 2023 (EDT)