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Hi Aidan, me and Son Daniel have decided to merge these two pages according to this discussion? Thanks. S3AHAWKS3AHAWK Signature icon 1.pngS3AHAWK signature icon 2.png (talk) 15:00, May 14, 2020 (EDT)

You don't need my permission to do that, it's a userpage, you can do whatever you want. Just let me know which one the two of you want deleted, and I can do that. Aidan, the Rurouni 15:01, May 14, 2020 (EDT)

Mario, Peach, Wario, and Waluigi cameos in this video ------>

Hi Aiden, I am curious as Nintendo Just released this video and at 2 minutes and 34 seconds, Mario, Peach, Wario, and Waluigi appear as a cameo in this game. Can we wait until June 5 til the game is released to count these as cameos because the Nintendo Direct mini from March doesn't show these characters. Thanks. S3AHAWKS3AHAWK Signature icon 1.pngS3AHAWK signature icon 2.png (talk) 16:11, May 18, 2020 (EDT)

Since the game's not out yet, then yes, we should wait. Aidan, the Rurouni 16:13, May 18, 2020 (EDT)
Makes sense, but since I'm not buying the game (because i got xenoblade for my june game) I found more cameos in video reviews.S3AHAWK said ketchup wonKetchup.pngKetchupJoker.png 15:02, June 3, 2020 (EDT)

This vergeben leaks page ----->[1]

Hi Aidan, sorry for bugging you for the third time in a row, but I see this vegeben leaks page and there is an official vergeben leaks page. Can we tag this for deletion right now or wait until they are unblocked? S3AHAWKS3AHAWK Signature icon 1.pngS3AHAWK signature icon 2.png (talk) 16:31, May 21, 2020 (EDT)


Um, someone is putting in names for the attacks of Mario’s Melee moveset. Is it bad? SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 01:16, May 27, 2020 (EDT)

It is, we don't take fanmade move names or moves from Prima guides. Aidan, the Rurouni 01:18, May 27, 2020 (EDT)
Then where do we get the name of attacks, excluding special moves? SonDanielSonDanielSignatureHead1.pngSonDanielSignatureHead2.png (talk page) 01:19, May 27, 2020 (EDT)
From official sources (i.e., if they're named by Sakurai in a Direct or, as of Ultimate, in-game). Aidan, the Rurouni 01:20, May 27, 2020 (EDT)

NinTylo's block

While I undestand he is disreguarding the rules, there are a few alarming things that concernes me reguarding his block. His infinite block right when he got back after 6 months, especially without warning is imo overboard and, for the lack of a better term, abusive for an admin. He may be disregarding the rules continuously, but he's still trying to do good faith, and I've seen repeat vandals blocked less than hin. As the blocking guidelines state:

"Indefinite blocks (more commonly known as infinite blocks or permabans) are used in cases where a user has been deemed "a lost cause", with no chance of being a useful contributor in the future. This generally results from repeated blatant disregard for policy"

Reguardless he is not intentionally breaking the rules but still trying to be a good faith user and has made useful contributions, just doing things the wrong way. I also was concerned about his initial 6 month block but was somewhat afraid to bring it up to an admin back then, though now I feel I should bring up something that makes me believe that you may have blocked him out of anger. This is in no way asking for a reduce in his block but something rather concerning I needed to bring up. 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 21:43, May 29, 2020 (EDT)

See, here's the thing.
Maybe I'm just a little fed up today. That is a thing that can happen. A lot of things have been happening that I will not delve into right now. However, I did let out a lot of that aggression earlier today, so I'm not one to immediately believe it was a trigger finger easily going off.
The fact of the matter is, there's a lot of stuff that needs to be taken into consideration here. We tried giving him warnings before, and to immediately go against the warnings and go right back to what he was doing showed nothing more than a simple refusal to learn. Separate from the wiki are also several emails I received from NinTylo, asking for an unblock out of sheer boredom, which further cemented an entire missing of the point of being blocked.
I don't use permabans often. But if a six month block did nothing, then anything less than infinite wouldn't have done anything either. I'd also like to point out that this exists, which has been used on at least two separate occasions in the past (even prior to its creation). Aidan, the Rurouni 21:55, May 29, 2020 (EDT)
I will say I didn't know about the emails (and to be fair I forgot you can send emails since I never set one here for privacy reasons), but yeah it shows he obviously doesn't know the purpose of a block. Anyway I was just concerned because it seemed so sudden because he just got unblocked, but now I see it was justified knowing more about it. Thanks for the clarification 001Toad.jpg OmegαToαd64the Best Kαrter 22:33, May 29, 2020 (EDT)

how to remove spam and who can remove spam on talk pages

Hi Aidan, I am curious on removing spam on talk pages in the future. 1)how do you do it and 2)who can do it? I just want some advice. Thanks S3AHAWK said ketchup wonKetchup.pngKetchupJoker.png 02:03, June 10, 2020 (EDT)

I am pretty sure everyone can remove spam since I have seen OmegaToad using something like <spam removed> for IP spam (I don't think it is necessary to say that tho) on talk pages. But I do believe directly removing them with undo/rollback is fine. Grand Dad.png Naughty🐽GRAND DAD 自閉肥宅 NiceGrand.jpeg 02:22, June 10, 2020 (EDT)

Glitch? on Template:UpdateList (SSBU)/7.0.0

For some reason, my post on that template cannot be displayed correctly. My post is *{{bug|Created a [ visual glitch] where Bayonetta's clothes do not disappear during her smash attacks after being hit by another smash attack.}}, but only the *Template:Bug part is shown on Bayonetta (SSBU). What happened here?--Raffina H.-207 (talk) 18:30, June 12, 2020 (EDT)

Oh, yea, those templates hate YouTube links. Do it like this:

*{{bug|Created a visual glitch where Bayonetta's clothes do not disappear during her smash attacks after being hit by another smash attack.}}<ref></ref>

That should fix the issue. Aidan, the Rurouni 18:33, June 12, 2020 (EDT)
Edit: As I wrote this, Porplemontage appears to have fixed the issue in a better way. Aidan, the Rurouni 18:37, June 12, 2020 (EDT)
I am far late on this, but the reason this happens is because the URL for the youtube video has an "=" sign in it, which wikimedia is taking as a setting of a parameter. To get around this, you simply use the numbered parameter format ({{template:1=content}}). This works for all templates. I am hoping that this explanation can help someone in the future. Serpent SKSig.png King 17:31, June 28, 2020 (EDT)
Has it been fixed? When looking at the template it just looks like a ref number Raul Retana (talk) 15:12, July 8, 2020 (EDT)
I don't think this is a thing that can be fixed, given how it's a Mediawiki thing rather than a code thing. Aidan, the Rurouni 15:37, July 8, 2020 (EDT)

About SSBU hitbox sub-pages

(This was MEMEBOI08S first question) I want to contribute by using Microsoft Paint to make drawings I will work hard on despite it being bad to show what the hitboxes would look like if the ___ (for example Mario’s fireball) was not missing but the page is protected from vandalism and I just joined pls help MEMEBOI08 (talk) 02:07, June 19, 2020 (EDT)

...the hitbox subpages are created using much more technical stuff than Microsoft Paint. I'm not the guy to talk to about this, seeing as how I don't have those tools readily available to me, but I will tell you that doing that isn't going to be what we're after. Aidan, the Rurouni 02:15, June 19, 2020 (EDT)
All of the hitbox pages are semi-protected so that only autoconfirmed users may edit them. You must first have over 10 edits and have joined for 7 days before becoming autoconfirmed.
As for the drawings, a drawing of a hitbox would still require a visual of the actual hitbox for it to be illustrated accurately, at which point you could simply upload the visual that you're basing the drawing off of. Doing so with no reference to how the hitbox functions, or even looks like, would fall under speculation, which we do not allow.
Also, if you have any general questions about the wiki that wouldn't need the involvement of an administrator, I recommend you post it in the help desk instead. NokiiSig.png Nokii — 02:36, June 19, 2020 (EDT)

Edit Deleted

Hi it’s MEMEBOI08 again I said something true btw I’m a honest boi but somebody else deleted it what should I do to prevent this from happening in the future and so I can re-add it —Preceding unsigned comment added by MEMEBOI08 (talkcontribs) 00:27, June 28th, 2020 (EDT)

What edit in question are you referring to? Aidan, the Rurouni 16:15, June 28, 2020 (EDT)

Posting a help wanted for a page on Giga Bowser’s hitboxes in SSBU —Preceding unsigned comment added by MEMEBOI08 (talkcontribs) 16:20, June 28, 2020‎ (EDT)

Well, first off, sign your comments with ~~~~. It helps keep track of things on talk pages.
Secondly, that's not how you do that. If you want people to add something, mark it with something like {{image}}, or put it in the talk page. Don't directly put it on the page itself.
Hope this helps. Aidan, the Rurouni 16:23, June 28, 2020 (EDT)


Hi... so I'm back now (and still a bit nervous about coming back) but I do have a question. On here there are a lot of red links so I was wondering, despite being an archive would it be fine for me to edit just to remove the red links so that they don't show up in wanted pages? 001Toad.jpg Omegα Toαd 02:02, July 4, 2020 (EDT)

That should be fine? I think that's an exception to the "don't edit archives" rule. I may be wrong. Aidan, the Rurouni 02:04, July 4, 2020 (EDT)

Cinnpie's placement at Smash N Splash 5

Hello, I noticed Cinnpie's placement at Smash N Splash 5 wasn't filled, so I searched, and through a lot of scrolling, found her at 1953rd ^^ you can verify it on the for SNS5 by doing a ctrl+F search on page 63 of the standings ^^ The page is protected, so I can't edit it myself, hope an admin can do it for me, that's why I'm messaging here ^^ Thanks by advance [2] —Preceding unsigned comment added by Eizzah (talkcontribs) 13:21, July 8, 2020 (EDT)

I don't think that placement is accurate. SNS 5 only had around 1,600 entrants. Taking a quick look at her profile, it doesn't seem like she actually participated since she only "fought" 1 match which doesn't even exist. CookiesCnC Signature.pngCreme 15:08, July 8, 2020 (EDT)