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Welcome to the userpage of DarkFox01,
an editor of SmashWiki since November 2011.
Cool fact: SmashWiki has 18,254 articles since July 2006!

About Me!

Fire Fox.jpg Warning!
This user has rollback and therefore has somewhat control of t3h ph1r3!
DarkFox01 "Benjamin"
SSB4 main Captain Falcon
Other SSB4
Zero Suit Samus
Brawl main Marth
Other Brawl
Melee mains Fox, Marth
SSB64 main Captain Falcon
Other SSB64
Skill Other Pretty much a n00b.
Additional info
Real name Benjamin Kassel
NNID DarkFox01.sw
3DS Code 4656-5782-7265
Location MURRICA United states

Hello! My name is Benjamin Kassel, but you all probably know me as DarkFox01. I have played all five Super Smash Bros. games and am a rollbacker here on SmashWiki.

I joined SmashWiki on November 23rd, 2011 as MeleeMarth01. I ran an SSB4 roster contest under that username. However, I started to play Brawl more than Melee and started using Fox more and learning about his series. For these reasons, I asked Toomai, a respected bureaucrat, to change my username. Finally, on April 14, 2012, I got my wish, and Toomai changed my username to DarkFox01. After a bit of an odd request, I also got rollback on April 2, 2013, about 16 months after I joined the wiki.

I am very happy with how SmashWiki is progressing and hope that it continues to grow and prosper throughout its years.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my userpage!

Global Smash Power
Category Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Smash Run 3,381,675
Solo Classic 3,123,179
Group Classic
Solo All-Star 2,453,086
Group All-Star
Target Blast 2,904,693
Home-Run Contest 2,504,206
Co-op Home-Run Contest
Solo 10-Man Smash 2,368,248
Solo 100-Man Smash 2,697,815
Solo 3-Minute Smash 1,800,401
Solo Rival Smash 1,827,567
Solo Endless Smash 1,733,841
Solo Cruel Smash 359,901
Group 10-Man Smash
Group 100-Man Smash
Group 3-Minute Smash
Group Endless Smash
Group Cruel Smash
Solo Trophy Rush 1,643,268
Co-op Trophy Rush
Total 3,581,933
Last updated 14:38, 21 July 2015 (EDT) ~~~~~

- DarkFox01

More About Me!

Dispute Handling 30%    
Smash Skill 5%    
Smash Knowledge 45%    
Spelling/Grammar 95%    
Typing Speed 75%    
Wikipresence 50%    
Wikiskill 85%    
Basic Attributes
Controller Of Zed This user has rollback.
Firefence This user takes 50% less damage from Flame attacks.
I R Seeing You This user uses the IRC.
Photographer This user can upload screenshots.
Rasterizer This user can create .png images.
Respectability This user cannot use Troll attacks.
Other Attributes
Creator of Competition This user has created multiple contests or side projects (only one of which was fully completed).
Gimme A Break This user is usually most active during school breaks or weekends.
Irritable... This user is easily offended and irritated.
Userbox Man This user can easily create userboxes and similar items.
YouTuber This user uploads videos to YouTube.

Navigation for my doings on SmashWiki

The Smash Arena

Discord.svg Discord Smash Arena Discord.svg
The symbol used in Melee for Battlefield. It is also used by this wiki as a placeholder symbol for when a corresponding series symbol is unknown or nonexistant. LADIES & GENTS! Come to the Smash Arena and vote on Round 59: Cuphead vs. Sans! The symbol used in Melee for Battlefield. It is also used by this wiki as a placeholder symbol for when a corresponding series symbol is unknown or nonexistant.

SmashWiki's IRC channel

Click to join the IRC! Click here or here to join SmashWiki's IRC channel, #sw, where I'm usually found with the nickname of darkfox! (more information)

My YouTube channel

Click to go to my channel! Click here (shameless plug) to go to my YouTube channel, darkfoxSW, where I infrequently post videos of playing Nintendo games, sometimes with my friends.

My SSB Competency List

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
CaptainFalconIcon(SSB).png MarioIcon(SSB).png PikachuIcon(SSB).png FoxIcon(SSB).png KirbyIcon(SSB).png YoshiIcon(SSB).png LuigiIcon(SSB).png LinkIcon(SSB).png DonkeyKongIcon(SSB).png SamusIcon(SSB).png NessIcon(SSB).png JigglypuffIcon(SSB).png

My Top Ten Melee Characters

1/2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
FoxIcon(SSBM).png MarthIcon(SSBM).png MarioIcon(SSBM).png DrMarioIcon(SSBM).png CaptainFalconIcon(SSBM).png FalcoIcon(SSBM).png LuigiIcon(SSBM).png PikachuIcon(SSBM).png SheikIcon(SSBM).png KirbyIcon(SSBM).png

My Top Ten Brawl Characters

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
MarthIcon(SSBB).png FoxIcon(SSBB).png CaptainFalconIcon(SSBB).png PikachuIcon(SSBB).png KirbyIcon(SSBB).png ToonLinkIcon(SSBB).png FalcoIcon(SSBB).png WolfIcon(SSBB).png MarioIcon(SSBB).png ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBB).png

Games From Smash Bros. Franchises I've Played

Super Smash Bros. (N64): Owned on the Wii VC. The first game in the Smash Bros. series is fun and entertaining, with 12 characters and 9 stages. I enjoy the 1P Game.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN): Owned. A very fun and technical game, with many complex techniques.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii): Owned. A great fighting game loaded with characters and stages. I cleared Subspace and like its purpose. It’s the game that made me realize how much I love the Smash series.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS): Owned. A risky game, considering Smash's home-console prowess, but it turned out to be pretty amazing. The new modes are great, and I like most of the additions to the roster. And thank the lord that random tripping is gone.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U): Owned. The home console part of Smash 4 is (no pun intended) a smash hit with many, myself included. It looks amazing, and the stages and extra modes add great depth. I love the variety of the controller options; the GameCube controller adapter is a savior for me.

Super Mario Strikers (GCN): Owned and beaten. A balanced game, no matter who you pick. Charge up powerful shots and gain items to use against your opponent. The 2-point Super Strikes captains can use make the game even more exciting.

Mario Strikers Charged (Wii): Owned. The sequel to the above game is much more advanced, with new stats and more sidekicks to choose from. Each sidekick now has a special Skill Shot, and captains now use Mega Strikes, which can score up to 6 points; the latter addition especially makes for interesting play.

New Super Mario Bros. (DS): Owned and beaten, with 2 of 3 stars earned. Mario's return to linear gaming is fun, and the controls are easy to learn.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii): Owned. The sequel to the above game, and another thrilling, linear Mario adventure.

Super Mario 64 (N64): Played, but not owned. The pioneering sandbox-style game in the Mario series. It introduces a great new game style with everybody's favorite plumber.

Super Mario 64 DS (DS): Owned, with about 80 stars. It's Super Mario 64, but with some different levels, more characters, and better graphics. And...wait, you have to unlock Mario to play as him?!?

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii): Owned. Another fun, innovative sandbox-style game.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii): Owned. I like the original Galaxy better, but says that this is another solid game with many fun elements (like Yoshi!)

Super Mario Kart (SNES): Owned on the Wii VC. The first game in the series, it paves the way for greatness. It's really odd with the GameCube controller, though, because you have to use the tiny B button to select in the menus and accelerate, and the A button is instead used for items.

Mario Kart 64 (N64): Owned on the Wii VC. A thrilling ride with 16 great tracks and 8 characters, and a great second game in a well-loved series. It set a high standard for later Mario Kart entries.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA): Owned on an emulator. Another cool game in the series with some very recognizable tracks, and in my opinion is underrated as a GBA title.

Mario Kart: Double Dash! (GCN): Owned. My first game ever. A unique game in the series, being the only one with two to a kart and including Special Items for nearly every playable character. Co-op mode especially is a blast.

Mario Kart DS (DS): Owned. Only character left to unlock is R.O.B. I feel that there is a lack of characters, but the multitude of tracks makes up for it. Mario Kart DS is the first game in the series with retro tracks and 32 tracks in total.

Mario Kart Wii (Wii): Owned. Another AMAZING Mario Kart game with lots of tracks, battle stadiums, and characters. I love this game because of that and the introduction of bikes into the series, along with the inclusion of super-turbos and wheelies. I also downloaded CTGP Revolution, which adds over 200 custom tracks.

Mario Kart 7 (3DS): Owned. This game is another thrilling addition to the series, with the addition of gliders and driving under water. The retro tracks they brought back are good, and the new tracks also have great design.

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U): Owned. This game takes everything great about the past Mario Kart games and puts it all together into one beautiful masterpiece. The graphics, music, and track designs are all absolutely STUNNING, and the DLC packs don't fail to disappoint...except that they brought back SNES Rainbow Road again.

Mario Superstar Baseball (GCN): Owned and beaten. The first Mario Baseball game. A fun baseball game with familiar characters.

Mario Super Sluggers (Wii): Owned and completely beaten. The sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball, with even more characters, new parks, and a great, updated Challenge Mode. Plus, who can forget Toy Field?

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Paper Mario 2) (GCN): Owned. A fun game with cool friends, enemies, bosses, and sidekicks. Character interactions are great.

Pokémon SoulSilver (DS): Owned and beaten (Johto). A fun remake of a Generation II game with tons of trainers and Pokémon to battle, and many interesting places to see and explore.

F-Zero X (N64): Owned on the Wii VC. A high-speed game whose gameplay makes up for its underdeveloped graphics. It’s crazy with friends.

Games I Plan to Own in the Future:

Super Mario Maker (Wii U) - Pre-ordered and will come to me on its release date, September 11.

Star Fox Zero (Wii U) - Not pre-ordered because of the time of year in which it is released. I may ask for it as a holiday present.

My Userboxes!!!

No one can ever have enough userboxes. I have 83.

The icon used to represent the original Super Smash Bros. on SmashWiki. Can be used with the template ArticleIcons. I like the simplicity of the original Super Smash Bros.
The icon used to represent Super Smash Bros. Melee on SmashWiki. Can be used with the template ArticleIcons. I also, though, like the numerous advanced techniques and faster air speed in Melee.
The icon used to represent Super Smash Bros. Brawl on SmashWiki. Can be used with the template ArticleIcons. I think that the overall increase of characters in Brawl by about 10 was good for the series.
SSB4 Icon.png I think that the two versions of SSB4 were a big risk, but it seems to have paid off for Nintendo.
MasterHandBrawl.jpg I hosted an SSB4 Roster Contest when I was MeleeMarth01.
CrazyHand.jpg I’m left-handed and proud of it!
The icon used to represent the IRC. I use the IRC! (Here’s a direct link for people with chat clients!)
YouTube.png I have a YouTube channel here (shameless plug)!
Deprecated.png I once removed all deprecated code from Smasher articles!
100 I once made 100 edits in a span of 2 hours and 8 minutes! (The 100 edits were made between 1:05 and 3:13 AM (UTC), 9 Semptember 2012.)
File-Krunkwerke - IMG 4515 (by-sa).jpg I've fought (Brawl) LightningBlue!
Image for Accoolx's signature. I've fought (Brawl, 3DS) and raced (MKWii) Air Conditioner!
Pikachu with Ketchup. Awww... how cute. :D I've fought (Brawl) Dots!
Pikachu playing brawl.jpg I've fought (Brawl, 3DS) and raced (MKWii) Scr7!
:| I've raced (MKWii) Bandit!
BB I've raced (MKWii) Boo Buddy!
I've fought (3DS) and raced (MKWii) Starman125!
ಠ益ಠ I've raced (MKWii) Shaun's Wiji Dodo!
Values #00 10, #FF FF, and #5D 88. I've fought (3DS) Conny!
The Nintendo 3DS XL system. The Nintendo console I bought most recently is a 3DS XL.
Icon-battlefield.gif I play fairly...-ish.
Icon-finaldestination.gif I have played no items, Fox only, Final Destination in Melee, Brawl, and SSB3DS.
Icon-mariocircuit.gif I'm a very proud Mario Karter.
Androsstrophy2 copy.jpg If I go down, I'm taking you with me!
MarioIcon(SSB4-U).png I grew up with this guy’s games.
LuigiIcon(SSB4-U).png I feel like I’m overshadowed.
DrMarioIcon(SSBM).png I could be a doctor purely by virtue of my handwriting.
PeachIcon(SSB4-U).png I do not care about fashion.
RosalinaIcon(SSB4-U).png I love astronomy.
BowserIcon(SSB4-U).png I never give up.
YoshiIcon(SSB4-U).png One of my favorite games from my childhood is Super Mario Advance 2.
WarioIcon(SSBB).png I like garlic, just not to this guy’s extent. I mean, who eats a whole raw head of garlic?.
DonkeyKongIcon(SSB4-U).png I don’t get why monkeys wear human clothes. This isn’t Planet of the Apes.
DiddyKongIcon(SSB4-U).png I...um...see DK’s userbox.
LinkIcon(SSB4-U).png Sadly, I have never played Ocarina of Time.
YoungLinkIcon(SSBM).png I drink lots of milk.
ToonLinkIcon(SSB4-U).png I can’t believe they replaced a Link...with another Link.
ZeldaIcon(SSB4-U).png I don’t get why every princess can’t defend their self like she does.
SheikIcon(SSB4-U).png I wish I were a ninja.
GanondorfIcon(SSBB).png I belive that—WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAH! ...That took a long time, didn’t it?
SamusIcon(SSB4-U).png I remind you to use bombs wisely! Oh, wait...wrong series. Sorry about that.
ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSB4-U).png I command you to be still.
KirbyIcon(SSB4-U).png I don’t care how cute an opposing character is; I just crush them anyway.
MetaKnightIcon(SSB4-U).png I have never been to or participated in a gaming tournament.
KingDededeIcon(SSB4-U).png I’m an NHL fan, but not a Penguins fan.
FoxIcon(SSB4-U).png I often seems to act very similarly to Mr. MrCloud.
FalcoIcon(SSBB).png I think a cloned Final-Smash is a punch in the groin to the character it’s cloned for.
WolfIcon(SSBB).png ...Especially when Sakurai does it twice in the same game.
PikachuIcon(SSB4-U).png Again, cuteness doesn’t matter to me in fighting games.
JigglypuffIcon(SSBB).png I play the trombone and like to edit and mix music, and I also sing okay.
PichuIcon(SSBM).png I follow the Third Way.
MewtwoIcon(SSBM).png I wait for this character to be included again.
PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBB).png I knew this concept wouldn’t work out.
SquirtleIcon(SSBB).png I’m fond of marine life.
IvysaurIcon(SSBB).png I embrace the outdoors when I get a chance.
CharizardIcon(SSB4-U).png I deliver harsh burns.
LucarioIcon(SSB4-U).png I think—Oh, a Fighting-type in a fighting game. Very creative.
GreninjaIcon(SSB4-U).png I still wish I were a ninja.
CaptainFalconIcon(SSB4-U).png I’m a straight male.
NessIcon(SSBB).png I wish I were psychic.
LucasIcon(SSBB).png I think Shigesato Itoi is a genius. You should too.
IceClimbersIcon(SSBB).png I hate the 2-for-1 deal.
MarthIcon(SSB4-U).png I remember when no one knew who this man was.
LucinaIcon(SSB4-U).png I am very impatient.
RoyIcon(SSBM).png I miss our boy.
IkeIcon(SSB4-U).png You’ll get no sympathy from me, vandals.
RobinIcon(SSB4-U).png I’m very vocal and have a large vocabulary.
MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBB).png I know that slowly but surely, the offline world is disappearing.
PitIcon(SSB4-U).png I hate spammers. Repeat, don’t spam.
PalutenaIcon(SSB4-U).png I am a religious person.
OlimarIcon(SSB4-U).png I am strong in science.
ROBIcon(SSBB).png I want a robot...maybe even one of these....
LittleMacIcon(SSB4-U).png If I became a boxer, I would be knocked out within the first ten seconds of every single fight.
VillagerIcon(SSB4-U).png I can never see myself as a politician, not even as a mayor.
WiiFitTrainerIcon(SSB4-U).png I consider myself overweight.
MiiBrawlerIcon(SSB4-U).png I personally find it a little annoying that customatization in Smash was taken to this level.
MiiGunnerIcon(SSB4-U).png ...and again.
MiiSwordfighterIcon(SSB4-U).png ...and a third time.
ShulkIcon(SSB4-U).png I trusted the leaks.
SonicIcon(SSB4-U).png I have INDEED been in a taunt match.
SnakeIcon(SSBB).png I have yet to play a game rated higher than T.
MegaManIcon(SSB4-U).png I am glad the fans got what they wanted, myself included.
Pac-ManIcon(SSB4-U).png I think tha--Wa-ka-wa-ka-wa-ka-wa-ka-wa-ka-wa-ka....