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Policy.png This page documents an official SmashWiki policy, a widely accepted standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. If in doubt, consider discussing changes on the talk page.

The SmashWiki Status System is a framework that dictates the current state of the wiki.

The Status System has four distinct status levels, each with its own associated set of rules. Each level corresponds to the state of the Smash Bros. series in combination with the wiki's current traffic. The current level is displayed on the main page and recent changes of the wiki.

StatusBlue.png Status Blue The wiki is mostly inactive. Traffic is low; one can easily keep track of all edits made. No editing restrictions.
StatusGreen.png Status Green There is no "new" information to be added. Traffic is average; it is easy for one to keep track of all edits made. No editing restrictions.
StatusYellow.png Status Yellow Important parts of the wiki are out of date, or need verification. Traffic is thick; it becomes difficult for one to track all edits. Userspace edits are loosely restricted: warnings given for spending too much time in userspace are given sooner, with locks and/or blocks following equally soon.
StatusRed.png Status Red The wiki as a whole is out of date (e.g. sudden burst of new game information). Traffic is high; one cannot keep track of all edits made. Userspace edits are heavily restricted: users will be strongly discouraged to make more than a few such edits a day, with too many too quickly resulting in a short block.

Note that "no editing restrictions" does not imply that it is okay to stay in one's userspace all the time, just that the tolerance for such is larger.

StatusGreen.png The wiki's current status is 0% Green.

Status changes occur under the following rules:

  • Administrators may change the wiki's status at any time, but they are encouraged to discuss with others first if the change has no obvious trigger.
  • Any autoconfirmed user may modify the current value of the status by a maximum of ±10%, once per 24 hours, and no more than once in a row within 48 hours. Reaching +100% or -100% does not do anything - the value can continue to increase or decrease - but it tells the admins that many users believe the status should be changed. Editing the value is free from SW:1RV as long as the timing limits are adhered to. Users should state their reason for modifying the value as an edit summary.
    • In other words: you can change the value once a day, but only if someone else changes it between your two changes. If not, you can only change it once every two days.
  • Users and admins may choose to enforce userspace edits slightly differently based on the current state percentage - for example, a +50% Yellow may be more strict than a -50% one.

To change the current status value, use this page.

For administrators looking to change the wiki's status, they can do so by this page.