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Policy.png This page documents an official SmashWiki policy, a widely accepted standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. If in doubt, consider discussing changes on the talk page.

Images are an integral part of every wiki, and SmashWiki is no exception from this rule. However, there must exist a set of guiding policies regarding the inclusion of pictures on the wiki. The goal of using pictures in an encyclopedic wiki is to clarify the topic at hand and improve the quality of understanding one can achieve from reading an article. This policy exists as a guide to what images are allowed on the site and where to use them properly. If you need help in the uploading and insertion of images into articles, please go to Help:Images.

Primary Rules

  • Mainspace articles should have at least one image, with few exceptions. Stages, characters, moves, techniques... all of these need pictures to help show the article's content. Exceptions and variations are explained below.
  • Images must be relevant. If a page about a Sonic combo needs an image, do not simply add a general picture of Sonic. Make the images as focused on the article's content as possible.
  • Image size and location are important. Images should make an article more readable and understandable. The main idea of this policy is ignored if images are too distracting or force the text into odd shapes.
  • There is such a thing as too many pictures. While having a few pictures is ideal, some articles may not need five images to make the content clear.
  • Use a gallery. Usually, more than one or two pictures can overwhelm an article. For additional images, try using the <gallery> tags.
  • Wherever applicable, include at least one image per game. Fireball should include images of the move from all five Smash games, Vegetable should have pictures from Melee, Brawl, Smash 4, and Ultimate, etc.
  • Usage of the "image-needed" template. Add {{image}} to mark an article as needing additional or higher-quality images, and it will show this:

ImageNeeded.png This article is in need of additional images.
If you have a good image for this article, upload it here.

Additionally, it will add the article to this category.
  • Categorize your images. Use the list of categories to figure out which of the existing categories your image falls under. ALWAYS have at least one category on every image.

Exceptions to the Mainspace Rule

The following mainspace articles might not require images:

  • Crews. Many a crew may not be well-enough known or sufficiently active to require an image. However, if possible, articles about major tournaments should have images, perhaps of a prize ceremony or other major event.
  • Articles not explainable with a still image. Certain techniques or glitches may not be apparent by simply a still image. The recommendation is to use an animated .gif file. See Yoshi Bomb or Shield Jump for examples. Some articles, such as those depicting complex techniques or glitches with intricate set-up methods, would be better off by an external link to a video, or else usage of one that has been uploaded.

Personal Images


SmashWiki allows personal images, with some restrictions.

  • Images must not violate any copyright laws and must be licensed correctly.
  • Image content must be appropriate. Anything deemed disruptive or obscene may be deleted.
  • While there is no hard limit on the amount of personal images one may upload, users are expected to not upload an excessive amount, with less leeway given to those with minimal constructive contributions compared to their User space edits. Users who are deemed to be uploading too many personal images will be reprimanded, and may have their excess images deleted.

Appropriate Image Naming

  • An image's name should be relevant to the image itself. For example, an image used for a specific user, such as a signature image, should be named File:Example_sig, where 'Example' is the user name, or something similar. Pictures of images to be used in articles should be named for the article it is being used in, such as File:Kencombo_ex or File:Summit_sliding.

Not acceptable

  • Code names, from the DOJO image naming system (i.e. "Mball 70482397vs4"), SD Card names, frequently via Brawl Snapshots, etc. These names tell searchers nothing about the image's content.
  • Inappropriate names. Things like "Funny Ridley LOL" or "Fuck yeah! Goldeen!" are inappropriately named. These will be deleted or renamed, or if the image itself is inappropriate, not uploaded again.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary numbers (such as resolution size).

Other concepts

  • Generally, edited images should not be used in the mainspace. Images should represent the subject as "natural" as possible; altering artwork or a screenshot gives a false impression, while screenshots involving hacks or codes should be limited to pages discussing said hacks or codes.
  • Redundant or unused images will be deleted; do not upload a duplicate image. The exception to this is if you wish to have use of an image as a signature image (see above).
  • No image can "belong" to any user or group of users. Images "belong" to the wiki once uploaded; if not needed or against this policy, they will be deleted.
  • Do not use fanart in the mainspace. There are limited situations where it may be used to demonstrate a point, but in general, articles should stick to screenshots and official images only.