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Guideline.png This page is a SmashWiki guideline, a principle that suggests how users should contribute and conduct themselves. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. If in doubt, consider discussing changes on the talk page.

It is an unfortunate truth of wikis that at some point bans must be handed out. However, all too often these are brought up in entirely the wrong way. Given the number of users who can use/read/edit SmashWiki, it is a rather small number who can actually ban/block other users. This is how it should be. This principle should also be extended to discussing potential bans/blocks. Normal users have no reason to be discussing potential bans as, in the vast majority of cases, the evidence speaks for itself. Erroneously threatening a user with a ban can often lead to much more of a problem than the initial possible ban reason caused. The following are ways that normal users should handle situations that could potentially involve blocks.

  1. Do not threaten other users with a block. If you believe what they are doing is against policy, inform them of that and/or notify an administrator. In general however, many more problems are caused by telling other users that they will be blocked for keeping up certain behavior than by requesting that they cease such behavior. Simply notify them that they are possibly breaking policy and let the administrators work out the details.
  2. Refrain from requesting that certain users be banned. If there is specific evidence that you believe warrants a ban, post something on the admin noticeboard, but avoid any language suggesting punishment.
  3. Do not be a drama queen/martyr when discussing your own posts. Opening an argument by saying "I might get banned for this, but..." or "I don't care if you ban me for saying this..." may be treated by administrators as a request to be banned. If what you are saying is ban-worthy, you shouldn't be saying it in the first place. And if it's not, there is no reason to be causing more problems.