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Just like it says on the can; these pages have broken file links. In other words, they contain code to the effect of [[File:ImageThatDoesNotExist.ext]] or {{TemplateThatShowsImage|ImageThatDoesNotExist}}. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. If there's supposed to be an image there, either upload it or fix the link to point the right way (maybe it's spelled wrong, got replaced, has an "SSB" where an "SSBB" should be, etc).
  2. If there isn't supposed to be an image there (maybe there was one but it got correctly deleted), remove the link.

If images get uploaded to the broken links, this category won't have a clue since the page itself didn't get changed. Therefore, if a page appears here despite not appearing to have any broken file links, try editing it and saving without making changes; this will force this category to realize what's up.


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