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Tournament directors or tournament organizers (TOs) are the individuals responsible for performing a variety of key functions necessary to make competitive Smash Bros. tournaments and ongoing community participation a success.


A director's duties can vary widely depending on the community. However, they can include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Booking and arranging a venue for large tournaments.
  • Organizing the tournament bracket and seeding players appropriately.
  • Clarifying and enforcing the rules laid out for the event(s).
  • Maintaining consistent leadership and order to ensure the tournament runs smoothly.
  • Recording tournament results and making those results available afterwards for participants.

SmashBoards "Tournament Director" Group Membership[edit]

At SmashBoards, registered users may apply for a forum group membership that identifies them as "tournament directors." Upon being approved by a member of the administrative staff, those users are then able to post on the SmashBoards Calendar of events which will subsequently announce the upcoming tournament to the entire community on the main page as the date approaches.

SmashBoards members who wish to be identified as tournament directors to the community at large can be recognized by their distinctive light blue user name.

Notable Tournament Directors[edit]

Matt Deezie[edit]

Matt Deezie is a California smasher who is considered as the founder of competitive play and created a tournament scene for Smashing. He hosted the Southern California Tournament Go tournament series which revolutionized the scene in 2002.


nealdt is responsible running the tournament brackets and organizing general administrative functions for the Champ Combo series, as well as Zero Challenge, at one point the largest internationally competitive SSBM tournament. Additionally, he is responsible for programming tio, a tournament bracket utility that caters to smashers based on the continued feedback of other tournament directors who continue to use his program as the standard for bracket/seeding in their own events.


As host of triweekly smash tournaments in San Diego for quite some time, CAOTIC became an instrumental figure in the California tournament scene and would ultimately become a panelist to decide the SoCal Power Rankings. He was also invaluable in the production of Zero Challenge and the distribution of the accompanying DVD. Although he has since moved to Australia, his enthusiasm and ties with the smash community have not wavered, as he continues to host tournaments there as well.

Warrior of Zarona[edit]

Warrior of Zarona (WoZ), with the help of AngelCX and The Smash Affiliates, form the backbone of the tournament scene in the New Jersey area, as well as extending further northeast and beyond. Responsible for the recurring series of SMASHTALITY events, WoZ continues to be an influential member of the American smash community.

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