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Boomerang cancel

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A comparison of several Young Links performing dair with boomerang cancel, with l cancel, and without.

This technique consists in timing the catch of the boomerang to cancel landing lag, special fall, or various other animations. To catch the boomerang Link or Young Link must be in the cancelable animation for at least 1 frame.

Some useful applications of this technique could be as a way to extend the recovery options and distance of Link or Young Link, reduce the lag after recovering to the stage, reducing the lag after a wavedash and extending the distance traveled using a Vududash.

Cancelable Animations[edit]

  • Basic movement states (run, crouch, stand, fall, etc.)
  • Aerial landing lag
  • Jump squat
  • Zair (1.0 & 1.01 only)
  • Special fall
  • Special land (wavedash & upb landing)
  • Taunt