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Double jump cancel counter

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Yoshi performing a double jump cancel counter in Smash 64.
Yoshi performing a DJCC in Smash 64.

The double jump cancel counter, abbreviated DJCC, is a technique unique to Yoshi in all every of the Super Smash Bros. series. The technique exploits Yoshi's midair jump armor to open up a bunch of strategic options.

How to perform[edit]

The method to perform a DJCC is relatively consistent throughout the series. Before an opponent is about to hit Yoshi, the player must activate a midair jump. If done at the right time, Yoshi will take damage and applicable freeze frames, but the jump's knockback-based armor will activate and power through most attacks, allowing Yoshi to either safely retreat or punish the opponent with a wide range of options. However, due to the armor being knockback-based, the technique is less reliable the more damage Yoshi takes and outright loses to strong enough attacks.

The technique has been indirectly nerfed in Brawl, SSB4 and Ultimate due to Yoshi now continuing to rise even after the armor activates, making it harder to aim and follow up.


DJCC has a wide array of both offensive and defensive applications. The most basic strategy is using the technique as a retreat mechanism. Yoshi will continue to float in the previous trajectory, often leading to the opponent going in another direction and creating some distance between the characters. This technique can also aid in recovery, as it allows Yoshi to simply armor through most edgeguard attempts to safely get back to the stage.

The technique can also be used as a pseudo counterattack. Any aerial or special move can be done immediately after impact, and the opponent is most often put in a position where they are unable to stuff out any of Yoshi's attacks. The most common attacks are Yoshi's faster aerial attacks (such as neutral aerial) or his Egg Lay. The technique can even be used as a bait and punish gameplan, as the player can rushdown their opponent and trick them into attacking, then use the armor to punish their reckless behavior.

In Smash 64 and Melee, this technique is one form of the many parries of the game. It is overall easier to parry in Smash 64 and Melee due to the long invincibility range of Yoshi's double jump compared to Brawl and SSB4. High level CPUs in Smash 64 are also surprisingly proficient at using this technique, likely due to their very quick reflexes.