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Jump cancel throw

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The jump cancel throw (abbreviated JCT) is an advanced technique that allows the player to throw a light item during their jumpsquat, which when performed while dashing, can make the character slide a little bit forward, similar to a glide toss. It was introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee and has been retained in all future installments. It is a universal technique which can be performed by every character, although its difficulty and usefulness depends on the character. The player must have an item in their character's hand, then dash. They must then jump (at any point they choose) and cancel the dash into a throw, which transfers the momentum from the dash into the item throw. How much time a character has to perform the technique depends on the length of their jumpsquat. Characters with a shorter jumpsquat have less time to perform to technique, making it more difficult, while the opposite is true with characters with a longer jumpsquat.


The technique is mainly useful as it allows the player to throw an item during a dash as if they were standing still, as opposed to going through the normal dash item toss animation. This not only means that the player can throw an item in any direction (as opposed to strictly forward) but the item throw also has noticeably less ending lag in most cases, allowing the player to potentially combo out of the item toss where they otherwise would not be able to with a dash item toss, especially if the character travels a long distance forward.

In Ultimate, the technique is still possible however, it is much less effective due to the universal three frame jumpsquats, making it much harder to perform. In addition to this, Ultimate's dash-canceling mechanics enable players to perform regular item throws out of a dash without needing to jump-cancel first, which nullifies the usefulness of jump cancel throws.

Character items[edit]

The following characters have the ability to create items that they can use to perform a jump cancel throw:

Bayonetta, Bowser, Captain Falcon, Charizard, Cloud, Corrin, Dark Pit, Dr. Mario, Duck Hunt, Falco, Fox, Greninja, Kirby, Little Mac, Lucario, Lucas, Lucina, Marth, Meta Knight, Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Ness, Olimar, Palutena, Pikachu, Pit, Roy, Ryu, Samus, Shulk, Sonic, Wii Fit Trainer, Yoshi, and Zelda also have usable jump cancel throws in Smash 4.


Kirby can JCT if he inhales the following: