Hand Grenade

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Hand Grenade
Snake holding a Grenade in Brawl.
User Snake
Universe Metal Gear

Hand Grenade (手榴弾, Hand Grenade) is Snake's neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Pressing and holding the special move button once will cause Snake to pull out the pin, releasing it will cause him to throw it. The distance that the grenade is thrown can be controlled by pressing forward, backward, or pressing no direction at all. A maximum of two grenades can be thrown, no more can be produced until one of them explodes.

If an opponent is physically hit by the grenade (before it explodes), he/she will receive 1-5% damage, but will never cause the opponent to flinch. Grenades inflict around 12% damage with decent vertical knockback.

If Snake is close to a grenade when it goes off, he will cover his ears, because of the noise from the explosion. Kirby will also do this if he copies Snake (even though he has no visible ears).

Unlike Link's bomb, it does not explode on contact and opponents can pick it up before it explodes.


The grenade has a delay time of 3 seconds (as printed on the grenade itself). Keeping this in mind, the grenade can be "cooked" by holding the special button (as it is thrown when the button is released) to reduce the time between the moment it's thrown and the moment it detonates. Not only does this add an element of unpredictability when using grenades, but doing so also makes it more difficult for enemies to dodge or throw back the grenade.

Also, Grenades are unique from Bombs or Vegetables in that they take priority over held items; that is, Snake will still perform the move while holding an item. Anything he carries will be dropped as soon as he presses the special move button. This can be used as a defensive measure by shielding and dropping the grenade to Snake's feet while the opponent attacks. Not only will Snake block the attack, but the explosion will hurt the opponent and not affect Snake because his shield is still up.

Interestingly, the Hand Grenade cannot be held while shielding. Attempting to do so will cause Snake to drop the grenade at his feet. This can be used in various ways, such as dropping it, and then picking it up again to throw in a more traditional way, or dodging an incoming attack, which will leave the grenade behind, which will likely be set off when the attacking player hits it. For some reason, this also makes any of his grenades that are being carried or even thrown by another player to fall straight down. Snake can quickly shield after pulling out a grenade then repeat it again, and can throw both grenades quickly at an enemy and explode each one in the process. The blast radius will be very large and will inflict around 25% from both grenades. This must be done quickly because dropping and picking the grenades takes two seconds and must throw the first grenade immediately followed by the second. Snake will always pick up the grenade that has been out longer.

Grenades can be used to ameliorate Snake's aerial mobility, which is one of the worst in the game due to its sluggish nature. Snake can "pivot" in the air when taking out a grenade, changing the direction that he faces and shifting momentum in the opposite direction. This can be used to mindgame opponents, who expect Snake to fall in a certain pattern downwards or on a certain section of the stage.

Meta Knight and Kirby can also perform the Omnigay on a Snake holding a grenade if they have the higher port, which usually causes instant death for the Snake while the other character survives.

Types of throws[edit]


Introduced in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, hand grenades have always been a staple offensive tool in the Metal Gear series. They can easily be found in lockers, store rooms, or obtained from enemy soldiers.


A closeup view of the grenade
  • The text on the grenades reads: "Grenade,Delay 3.0" and under "SN:2305-146"
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