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ROB Down B SSBU.gif
Gyro being fired in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
User R.O.B.
Universe R.O.B.

Gyro (ジャイロ, Gyro) is R.O.B.'s down special move.


The attack encompasses a spin top that R.O.B. fires. It is chargeable; the longer it charges, the stronger and faster it becomes. However, a fully charged gyro will deal less damage than a slightly less charged one. A fully charged Gyro normally inflicts 18% damage and has high knockback in Brawl. After being launched, it can be picked back up and thrown at the opponent, inflicting 10% damage. An opponent can pick it up as well. It also acts like the Unira in that it will still cause damage on contact as long as it is spinning. Its knockback direction is decided by the direction the thrower was facing, even if it was thrown up or down; this makes it an effective tool for trapping opponents into unavoidable combos.

Each R.O.B. can only have one originating gyro on the screen at any time and can use Gyro again as soon as the previous gyro leaves the screen. If the move is attempted when R.O.B. cannot reuse his gyro, he goes into his Gyro-charging stance and makes a motion with his arms as if to spin a gyro, but no gyro appears. As the Gyro is treated like an item, it can be glide tossed; which, combined with R.O.B.'s very fast and long glide toss, makes this move an asset in his approach.

Much like Donkey Kong's Giant Punch and Samus's Charge Shot, it is an auto-charge special. Gyro does not attack instantly when used. Instead, its initial use begins a charging process. The input must be performed a second time to fire the gyro (as well as tapping any attack button during the charging period), while shielding or moving left or right into a roll during said period of charging can cancel and save it for later to charge for another time. And at full charge, the charge will automatically cancel. Cancelling it in the air will also make R.O.B. drop his charge and cancel it normally. Getting hit or dying while charging however, will cause R.O.B. to drop the level of charge and he must charge the move like normal again.

Unlike most other chargeable special moves, Gyro can actually be interrupted with instant charge-canceling. This effectively gives R.O.B. near-instant access to his neutral attack, tilt attacks, and smash attacks while charging his Gyro.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List ROBHeadSSBU.png Fires a spinning top. Only one can be on the stage at a time. Can be charged.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Gyro 2. Fire Gyro 3. Slip Gyro
"Fire a spinning top. You can have only one on the stage at a time. This attack can be charged." "Fire a flaming top. Deals more damage, but doesn't travel as far." "Fire a slippery top that slides across the ground instead of bouncing."
  1. Gyro: Default.
  2. Fire Gyro: Does more damage and adds a fire effect. Doesn't travel as far.
  3. Slip Gyro: Top slides across the ground instead of bouncing and trips fighters who touch it.


An American R.O.B. with two Gyros.
A R.O.B. with two Gyros.

The "Gyro" is essentially a spinning top. The R.O.B. accessory was made available at the launch of the NES in 1985 with the Nintendo Entertainment System: Deluxe Set. R.O.B. would place the gyros on a spinner and use them to press buttons to activate in-game effects for Gyromite; the button would remain pressed only as long as the gyro retained enough speed to remain upright. The concept of the move in Brawl is exactly the same as when the gyros were spinning in the Spinner, but throwing the gyro is a new feature added in Brawl.

The "Gyro" in Brawl is designed exactly like the real Gyros, but the spinner seems to be based on the "Gyro holder", where the Gyros had to be placed for R.O.B. to pick them up, rather than the actual spinner. Another difference is that to play Gyromite, R.O.B. has specific hands designed to pick the Gyros, while in Brawl he picks them with his regular hands, based on his Stack-Up hands.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ジャイロ, Gyro
UK English Gyro
France French Toupie
Germany German Kreisel
Spain Spanish Gyro
Italy Italian Gyro
China Chinese (Simplified) 陀螺仪
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 陀螺儀
South Korea Korean 자이로, Gyro
Netherlands Dutch Robotol
Russia Russian Гироскоп


  • R.O.B.'s series symbol visually incorporates the design of his gyros and is the basis for the Subspace Army's symbol.
  • The color scheme of a gyro varies depending on the color scheme of the R.O.B. who used it.
  • Despite R.O.B. using Gyros from Gyromite in Super Smash Bros., his hands are "padded" for Stack-Up, while his hands in Gyromite are "clawed" in order to hold the Gyros.
  • Gyro is the only one of R.O.B.’s special moves to have a clear origin.